Upgrade to Surface for Less with the Business Device Trade-In Program


Microsoft have introduced their Business Device Trade-In Program, which offers great discounts on Surface devices.

Taking advantage of this is simple – just trade in your company’s used laptops, tablets, and phones1 for credit towards the purchase of new Surface devices.

Stretch your Surface Technology Budget Further

If you’re looking for incredible versatility and exceptional performance in a sleek device you can trade in current devices – no matter their operating system – to offset the cost of new Surface devices.

Implement with Ease

  • Automated quotes online or via quote sheet
  • Fully managed process, pre-paid shipping labels, and detailed reporting
  • Guaranteed trade-in price for 30 days from date of request
  • Free shipping for your devices
  • Secure logistics capable of cross-border collections

Protect your Data & the Environment

  • Complete and secure data removal from recycled devices
  • Guaranteed SIM and MicroSD shredding
  • Certificates of data wipe tracked by device and IMEI number available2
  • Responsible recycling in ISO 14001 and R2 certified facilities

How it Works

Step One: Request a quote from your sales rep or directly from Clover.

Step Two: Accept quote within 30 days of receipt.

Step Three: Ship devices using p=re-paid shipping labels and online account provided.

Step Four: Receive confirmation and trade-in value.

Step Five: Remove all data and refurbish or recycle old devices.

Step Six: Receive a check or credit you can use to offset your new Surface purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are accepted for trade in and what are the conditions required?

Currently, any laptops, tablets, or phones – no matter their operating system – can be traded in. All devices must have battery and battery cover, power on and take a charge, have an intact and fully functioning screen, and be free from water damage.

Is there a minimum number of trade-in devices?

Yes, the program is available to customers who trade in a minimum of 10 devices.

What information is needed on a quote request?

You’ll need the make and model of each device, along with the quantity.

Our data is extremely sensitive. How can I be sure it will be removed completely?

The data-wiping tools used have been researched and selected to ensure all data is removed. This is underwritten by the global cyber insurance policy. Should you choose, certificates of data-wipe by device and IMEI number can also be provided.

Learn more at: microsoft.cetradein.co.uk/faqs/

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