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SCC and Logitech: enabling work everywhere

SCC and Logitech: enabling work everywhere

The current business climate is changing all the time, but one thing is clear: flexibility will become core to the operational demands of more and more organisations. A major part of this is ensuring that employees can work anywhere, any time; in doing so, they must be able to contact any co-workers they need to collaborate with, and enjoy full access to all the data and applications they need to be productive. Our partnership with Logitech plays a major part in enabling this agile future for our customers.

Putting people and businesses in control

Logitech is a Swiss-founded global company that specialises in computer peripherals and software, and draws on all of its 40 years of experiences to support new and emerging ways of working. Logitech develops innovative products for every type of workspace, helping people work more efficiently, productively and comfortably. Its wide range includes keyboards, mice, webcams, headsets, presentation remotes, software for video collaboration and more.

Equipping our customers for a brighter future

As a long-standing Logitech partner, SCC is able to ensure that our customers always have the right tools for their jobs, whatever industry they operate in and wherever their employers are working from. Backed by their expertise and support, we give our customers access to a vast range of hardware and software solutions that help them get more from their days with maximum comfort and minimum stress.



Working with SCC over the last 2 years has been an exciting journey. We have seen a huge revenue growth YoY aligned with SCC’s managed service offerings and are confident this will continue as SCC recently gained Logitech’s Premier Partner status. We look forward to seeing what the future brings with our mutual relationship.

Sean McCarry
Head of GVCC EMEA, Logitech

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