Cisco SD-WAN

Securely connect any user to any location or cloud, across any platform, all with a consistent application experience.

With Digital disruption making unprecedented demands on branch office networks with more mobile users, more network traffic, increasing threats, and a growing use of cloud applications, companies must have a secure, digital foundation at their branch offices to compete in the digital era. They need solutions to provide consistent application experiences while addressing the complexity brought on by this disruption.

Cisco offers branch solutions to meet these new demands including SD-WAN, routing switching and wireless products. Whichever direction your customers take, SCC will help you make is the right choice for delivering the next generation of branch networking.

Cisco SD-WAN provides a host of benefits for network, security and cloud management. Benefits that your industry can enjoy include:


Segment Point-Of-Sale (POS) traffic for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and network security

Provide secure direct Internet access to customers and employees

Increase bandwidth and significantly reduce circuit costs

Enable in-store services such as guest wireless, digital signage, remote clerk, and IoT

Spin up new branches and stores quickly, with zero-touch deployments and pre-provisioning capabilities

Simplify network and security policy management across the entire organization, including branches


Introduce end-to-end segmentation to address compartmentalised lines of business and dozens of isolated segments

Secure controlled business partner access through the extranet

Manage industrial IoT connectivity and security from a single dashboard


Get real-time application optimization for productivity and Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) learning applications

Meet security and compliance requirements, segment a student’s or faculty member’s research network from a guest network

Connect your entire WAN to cloud at a much lower cost


Provision more bandwidth at a lower cost due to a diverse pool of active-active capacity

Define application policies for optimal quality of experience and application-aware routing to support in-branch services such as digital signage and video teller HD video

Ensure high performance and security when using cloud-based finance and trading applications

Roll out application-aware topologies leveraging a highly secure fabric and ubiquitous encryption to address differences between ATM communications and branch-to-branch VoIP or video


Migrate to cloud-based healthcare applications (Electronic Medical Records [EMR] and Electronic Health Records [EHR])

Increase network uptime of patient and administrative services

Achieve zero-touch IT capability while migrating the clinic footprint to the cloud

Rapidly enable services such as guest Wi-Fi, cloud-based VoIP, and dispensing of medications

Enable increased performance and experiences at branches of different sizes – from full-sized clinics to small clinics

Meet security and compliance requirements related to HIPAA, segment an internal corporate network from a telehealth/EMR network

Service Provider

Pay a much lower cost to get Internet access in branches (their own or their clients’) with SD-WAN, using their own mobile or overlay infrastructure (without needing to go to a competitor for a leased line)

Segment POS traffic for PCI compliance and network security

Enable in-store/branch services such as guest wireless, digital signage, remote clerk, and IoT

Spin up new branches and stores quickly, with zero-touch deployments

Get new service revenues faster with a compelling secure SD-WAN offering for business clients

Discover more about how SD-WAN makes network and cloud management smarter and your day-to-day that much better.
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