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Next Gen Remote Field Services

Enable remote IT support and hardware maintenance

Enable remote IT support and hardware maintenance with SCC’s Next Gen Remote Field Services.

Designed to offer remote IT support and IT maintenance in the new way of working. Our Next Gen Remote Field Services are particularly pertinent in today’s climate. Businesses are under pressure to do more with less, whilst delivering seamless, remote IT field services to increasing numbers of people.

Our Next Gen Remote Field Services utilise a modern approach to the workplace and Microsoft best practices, integrating into SCC’s existing ITSM toolset ServiceNow. It offers a truly user-focused set of IT field services which focus on user experience (UX) more than just SLAs. Our blend of IT field services can be tailored to meet different end user support requirements, including break fix support and IT maintenance, regardless of scope or location, to guarantee user satisfaction. Article: Definitive Guide to Next Gen Remote Field Services.

Your challenges


Evolving technology

As technology evolves, so has the culture and working practices of many organisations. This has led to changes in the way we manage IT estates – particularly in the break fix support and remote IT support environment.


Hybrid working

We understand that with millions of people now working from home technology is more critical than ever. In addition to SCC’s break fix hardware maintenance service Next Gen Remote Field Services reflect this shift towards faster, more reliable and remote IT hardware maintenance services to facilitate better end user support.


Greater self-serve culture

Despite a larger remote workforce, there remains an expectation for on-demand IT field services alongside a greater self-serve culture. This as more organisations are increasingly reliant on cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application delivery, and consumed desktop services.


Sustainability and the environment

Just as technology has changed, attitudes towards sustainability and the environment have also come into focus. There is now greater emphasis placed on reducing carbon footprints and contributing more positively to the planet. SCC’s Next Gen Remote Field Services promote this by enabling seamless remote IT maintenance support and reducing the number of miles travelled by end users and engineers.

Key services

1. Tech Bar

More than just a presence, Tech Bar is a holistic, user-focused and approachable face to on-site IT services. With engineers located in a highly visible dedicated IT support area within your office, the SCC solution includes the resources, processes, knowledge base and integrated management tools required.

2. Locker and Vending

Instant access to IT peripherals and consumables, and an ‘anytime’ location for storing devices such as laptops, with 24×7 swap-out device support. This can be fully integrated into SCC’s ITSM toolset.

3. Repair 365

Supporting the Configure 365 service and maintaining the integrity of your investment in IT (Windows 10, AutoPilot/Intune and Azure AD). Repair 365 integrates, automates and maximises UX in the office or at home. Repair 365 ensures devices remain secure, monitored, and managed.

4. Tech Exchange

To complement SCC’s own field engineering team, we can also deliver a UK-wide exchange service. Where on-site repair is not required, this delivers a fast-response device replacement.

Users of Next Gen Remote Field Services

Head office and campus based user

“As I regularly work from the Head Office, I want a flexible on demand service that’s available when I need it. Fitting around my schedule, focused on fast resolution and self-service.”

Mobile and home based user

“As I primarily work from home, I want an IT service that comes to me and causes minimal disruption to my working day.”

Business benefits

Compliments existing break/fix services for EUC, POS, Server, Storage and Infrastructure.

Enables zero touch build and configuration as part of Windows 10 Modern Management.

Reduces the workload required for field and on-site engineers.

Uses a cost-efficient exchange approach as an alternative to on-site repair.

Expands IT service hours to be extended as needed, up to 24x7x365.

Puts an approachable, human face to onsite IT services.

Speeds up incident resolution to minutes versus traditional SLA-led services.

Directly increases customer satisfaction and UX with a User-centric approach.

All services are integrated and managed using SCC’s ITSM toolset (ServiceNow).

Next Gen Field Services can also be incorporated as part of a workflow Orchestration of business process such as starters, leavers and device refresh to further reduce the administration overhead and speed up the activities.


Next Gen Remote Field Services factsheet 

Maximise the use of both technology and service, providing your users with an unbridled service you have complete control over.

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