SCC and iboss equip your business with Zero Trust technology solutions to safeguard your most sensitive information and resources.

Zero Trust cloud security for every type of workplace

SCC understands just how important security is to businesses in an increasingly cloud-first landscape. That’s why we partner with iboss, one of the world’s leading cloud security companies, to deliver a Zero Trust service that keeps data, systems, applications and users safe. A combination of SWG, malware defence, browser isolation, CASB and data loss prevention come together to protect resources instantaneously, and at scale.

Bringing solutions and expertise together

iboss, named as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies by The Software Report, is a natural fit to support SCC with the security services we deliver to organisations like yours. Every day, iboss processes more than 150 billion transactions and blocks four billion threats, protecting the interests of more than 4000 global enterprises that trust the iboss Global Platform. Built on more than 230 patents and the largest containerised cloud fabric in the world, iboss’s world-leading technology helps us provide the robust security standards that our customers both need and expect.

iboss is proud to work alongside SCC to provide organisations our award winning solutions to replace legacy technologies and secure connectivity from anywhere directly through the cloud. The team at SCC has always put customers first as they work to provide the right solution to solve the unique challenges of today’s complex digital environments. As a team that truly understands the needs of modern enterprises migrating to hybrid and cloud environments, we have been able to work with SCC to securely connect our customers users to applications and other resources wherever they are.

Simon Eappariello,

Senior Vice President, EMEIA & APJ

Zero Trust across the entire network

iboss technology allows a Zero Trust approach – where all access is considered unauthorised unless proven otherwise – to be applied to all applications, data and services. It also enables the classification and labelling of resources so that access can be provisioned based on their overall organisational security impact. Both of these measures reduce the risk of data loss, as well as unauthorised access to sensitive resources, by preventing access being unilaterally granted to the entire private network.

Safe connections for remote workers

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) means that remote workers can safely connect workers to onsite resources without a VPN, wherever and whenever they’re working. All employees can therefore have security and logging applied regardless of location, with security and visibility extended to them without proxy appliances through a Security Service Edge.

Balancing security with return on investment

We know that a smooth transition to any new security solution is crucial, which is why iboss allows for local resources to be protected and migrations to take place without changing network topologies. Onsite gateways act as direct drop-in replacements for legacy proxies, yielding substantial savings as the transition can be completed before any expensive renewal of on–prem proxies is required. Consolidating multiple point products into a single solution helps reduce costs even further, and improve experiences for end-users.

Secure and reliable, 24/7/365

The partnership between SCC and iboss can give you always-on security, logging and visibility for all your resource access, incorporating onsite applications and services, as well as SaaS. The Zero Trust architecture is based on the NIST 800-207 standard for better security and compliance, with a cloud solution that enables infinite, cost-effective security at scale.

Solve your biggest business challenges

Partner with SCC and iboss, and equip your business with the technology to safeguard your most sensitive information and resources:

Get resource-focused protection:

Apply security to the specific applications, data and services your users need, rather than using an outdated perimeter-based structure that is increasingly unsuited to cloud services and data.

Cut costs and complexity

Avoid the high costs and complications of VPNs, which can be slow, inefficient and frustrating for remote users trying to connect to private resources

Refresh proxy appliances

Avoid the high costs of renewing onsite legacy proxy appliances, and get better security that’s more cost-effective, and easier for security teams to apply and maintain.

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