SCC and Ergotron’s 6 year partnership for healthcare, corporate and industrial sectors

Celebrating 40 years in business, Ergotron. Inc is no stranger to the world of unrivalled technology. A global leader in designing top-class ergonomic solutions, they strive to connect people with technology for enhanced performance, health and happiness in the workplace. Unimaginable innovation, professional-grade products and, in their words, customer-obsessed service are the driving force behind their success.

Ergotron partners with SCC, experts in hybrid working solutions, to off products and custom solutions that help workers to feel, fuel and enjoy a new sense of energy. They deliver this in three crucial sectors, supporting workers both at home and on-site.

Ergotron has been working closely and successfully with SCC for the last 6 years. The thing that strikes me most about our partnership is the way our company ethos’ both align. As Ergotron offers premium ergonomic products for the healthcare, corporate and industrial sectors, SCC really understands the value proposition that we can jointly offer via our solutions. They also recognize that the best way for us to win business together is to introduce us to their client early in the sales process. Working collaboratively with SCC and the end user, we can then make sure we understand the client’s project requirements, allowing us to product match our solutions to the client’s needs. By then offering them demo units of those solutions for them to test in their live environment, we make sure the client is 100% satisfied before they proceed.

James Winslade

Senior Channel Account Manager

General office

Sedentary office environments are a thing of the past in today’s working world. SCC and Ergotron work together to distribute innovative products that ultimately help businesses create a “flexible office” and transition to a more modern way of working. That means presenting opportunities for employees to stay active, while prioritising comfort, collaboration and safe spacing to improve employee wellbeing. This then has a knock-on effect on motivation and productivity, whether working from home or in the office.


SCC and Ergotron provide future-forward solutions for the healthcare sector, with the aim of achieving three specific goals. The first is to improve workflow for caregivers, ensuring they spend less time worrying about their tech and more time devoted to patient care. With optimal patient care at the forefront, the ergonomic solutions also improve access to Electronic Patient Records. Therefore, crucial information can be obtained from anywhere at any time. All of this helps us to check off our final goal of driving positive patient experiences.


In fast-paced working environments, the aim is to improve productivity while making comfort a top priority to ensure consistent, accurate results. SCC and Ergotron deliver premium solutions to bring this vision to life. Our products can be implemented throughout the production line, meaning important information can be accessed from anywhere, maximising efficiency. The ergonomic workstations also improve comfort with height-adjustable capabilities – a crucial design element to improve physical health and minimise sick leave.

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