SCC and iDefigo: Delivering value for money and cleaner communities with intelligent surveillance

Local authorities have a responsibility to keep their communities clean and tidy, and the public they serve expect them to deliver. With fly-tipping the top-priority issue for 70% of local councils across the UK, and the average authority spending £250,000 a year on responding to it, cost-effective innovation is key to solving the problem without breaking tight budgets. Through our partnership with iDefigo, we can deliver that solution in the areas where you need it most.

SCC and iDefigo

iDefigo is a leading developer of smart camera and visual sensor technology, enabling fly-tipping hot-spots to be put under 24-hour surveillance at minimal cost to local authorities. Through an SCC deployment of iDefigo, any triggering of the sensors generates alerts, processed by our 4me enterprise service management platform, so that authorities can respond to incidents as quickly as possible. Together, we can solve one of the biggest challenges that local council leadership face every day.

Why SCC Digital Automation and iDefigo

Fast, automated process

The manual effort to tackle fly-tipping and the time needed to resolve issues can be reduced, along with the generation of evidence through data storage.

Tailored service

4me collects information from iDefigo hardware and processes it, so that the right responses and workflows are directed to the right people for the best possible outcome. These can be configured and adapted by SCC to your specific needs and use cases.

Easy deployment and viewing

High-quality, lightweight, cable-free cameras that are easy to deploy in even the most rural of locations. IR lights mean they can also operate at night, and event-based viewing means recording can be sparked by any movement

Meet your environmental targets

Reduce fly-tipping incidents by more than 80% by deterring or catching would-be culprits through real-time notifications, keeping your local environment clean and safe

Improve public safety

Take steps to reduce anti-social behaviour and eliminate hazardous or dangerous waste from communities, helping residents feel happier and healthier

Boost public perception

Taking proactive, cost-effective action to solve a top-priority issue will support a better perception of local authorities within their communities

Cut clean-up costs

Less fly-tipping means lower spending on clean-up operations, saving money that can be redeployed to other vital public services

Deploy a sustainable solution

iDefigo’s cameras run on 100% renewable energy, helping support authorities’ drive towards more sustainable services and functions

A managed service for happier towns and cities
SCC’s managed service turns iDefigo alerts into meaningful, actionable information. The flexibility of the 4me enterprise service management platform means that the various staff members required to deal with any issues can be connected to the right information that initiates their workflows.

As part of the service, we can work closely with you to determine ideal camera locations and the information you need to gather; assess your current response processes and where automation can improve them; and understand your use cases so that your 4me deployment is tailored to your needs.

Creating safer, cleaner environments across the UK

Over 50 local authorities across the UK are already using iDefigo’s cameras, and you can join them with the support of SCC. After an initial discovery phase, we can pinpoint your key business challenges and how we can help. This technology has benefits that can stretch far beyond fly-tipping: also supporting litter reduction, speed camera vandalisation and parking offences, to list just a few other key issues at local authority level.

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