Industry accreditations 

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

We are committed to making a real difference when helping our customers align IT with their wider business objectives. Our dedication to improving our processes, systems and procedures to streamline operations and reduce costs is not only evidenced internally but seen in how we help our customers to stay ahead of competitors.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

The impact we have on the environment becomes increasingly important as we continue to develop more innovative and effective environmental management systems. We are working towards a more efficient use of our resource as well as reducing waste produced from our operations to minimise any negative impact our operations have on the environment and lead us to a more sustainable future.

ISO 20001 – Service Management System

We fully understand our customers’ business requirements and always ensure we deliver innovative solutions that exceed customers’ expectations to reduce total cost of ownership. We are committed to ITIL best practice standards and adopt only the best of breed toolsets.

“SCC’s commitment to best practice is recognised and assures my confidence in the high quality managed services provided. This investment will ultimately raise the quality of services that we can deliver to our customers. It will further energise the partnership between SCC and The Trust in our joint pursuit of service excellence.” The National Trust

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

We treat information security as a business-critical issue and have security-positive environment. We deploy fundamental security principles across the business to ensure business continuity whilst minimising the impact of security threats.

ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management System

We are committed to protect the health and safety of all of our staff, community, customers and partners. We seek continual improvement to frequently develop by identifying opportunities for open consultations to ensure we deploy and share health and safety best practices.

ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management System

We know that continuity is key therefore we plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.

Achilles – 3rd Party accreditation

We collaborate with buyers & suppliers to develop supply chain best practices & protocols. Achilles allows us to validate & assure supplier information to our customers promoting transparency and responsible business practices.


SCC has achieved The National Cyber Security Centre CAS (S) Certification. CAS (S) provides assurance that sanitisation and destruction services conforms to relevant HMG IA Policy and Guidance when serving Government Customers for all classifications, including TOP SECRET.

Chas – 3rd Party accreditation

Ensuring the excellent standards of our health and safety policies and documentation mitigates the risk to our staff, customers, and community.


The CPNI accreditation is a recognition that we have met the required standards for protective security and have been assessed by CPNI or a third-party assessor approved by CPNI. It covers a range of protective security areas, including physical security, personnel security, information security, and cybersecurity.

CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) at SCC is accredited by CREST, demonstrating our dedication to industry-recognised standards. This accreditation ensures robust security operations, incident response, and threat management practices in our SOC services, providing the highest level of assurance for customers.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Our Sentinel platform has been accredited with Cyber Essentials certified plus, which is the highest level of certification within the Cyber Essentials scheme. This demonstrates that SCC has implemented robust cybersecurity measures to protect itself against common cyber threats.


DIPCOG stands for the Defence Industry Security Program Certification and Oversight Group, which is a UK government organisation responsible for overseeing the security arrangements of defence contractors that work on sensitive government projects. The DIPCOG accreditation is a recognition that we have met the required security standards and have been assessed by DIPCOG or a third-party assessor approved by DIPCOG.


Digital solutions and services provider SCC has further underlined its commitment to sustainability by achieving EcoVadis bronze rating in the UK for sustainable business practices. EcoVadis helps companies manage ESG risk and compliance, meet corporate sustainability goals, and drive impact at scale by guiding the sustainability performance improvement of companies and their value chains.

Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI)

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that provides support and guidance to SCC on issues related to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

ICO Data Protection Register 

We are registered with the ICO and provide information about our data processing activities.

Microsoft Security Intelligent Association (MISA)

Being part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) and holding all Microsoft Security Specialisations, SCC ranks in the top 1% of MXDR partners for Microsoft worldwide. Through dedicated funding from Microsoft, SCC offers a variety of Pathfinder engagements that deliver actionable insights from your environment, uncovering unidentified risks and threats, and crafting a strategic security plan. 


LIST N is the standard required for the hard copy holding, processing and production of Sensitive Nuclear Information (SNI). The SCC Recycling facility has been inspected by a representative of a Civil Nuclear Contracting Authority or ONR (CNS) to handle and process SNI up to the protective marking of UK OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

SafeContractor (SSIP Accredited)

SSIP accreditation is a recognition that we have met the required health and safety standards and have been assessed by a SSIP-accredited scheme provider. The accreditation process involves an independent assessment of our health and safety management systems and practices, as well as our compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and regulations.

Safe contractor – 3rd Party accreditation

Our staff are at the heart of our business and we work tirelessly to protect them as best we can through upkeeping our high standards of health and safety. The management of our health and safety is constantly evolving to adapt to new risk in order to keep our staff safe.

Waste Carriers Licence

The Waste Carriers Licence accreditation is essentially a permit that shows that we are authorised to transport waste and that we have met certain requirements related to waste management, disposal, and environmental protection.

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