Combat cyber exposure. Recover confidently. 

SCC and Druva: Dependable protection for all your cloud data and applications 

A constantly changing business dynamic makes it harder than ever to know what’s around the corner, whether it be cyber attacks, data loss through human error, a global pandemic or one of many other factors. This means it’s never been more important to be ready for anything, but that can be challenging when data is spread across public cloud, SaaS applications, data centres and endpoint devices. Amid all this complexity, having a data protection system that’s simple, reliable and secure can be invaluable.  

Why Druva? 

SCC partners with Druva to combine cloud-first functionality and practicality with robust data protection. Druva provides a comprehensive platform that protects and governs critical data across all SaaS applications, intertwining our expertise within these applications (including Microsoft 365) to strike the right balance between security and usability of data. 

Security you can rely on 

Druva’s cloud-native, SaaS-based approach to data resilience, brings together protection and security with the flexibility and scalability of your resources: 

  • Resilient: backup functions that work across SaaS applications, hybrid cloud and AWS ensure that data is always protected and recoverable, delivering peace of mind and business certainty 
  • Compliant: meeting regulations like GDPR is more important than ever, so the ability to retain and archive data long-term, along with eDiscovery and legal hold functionality, ensures that you adhere to policies and can easily conduct audits 
  • Safe: we can help you recover data in even the most difficult circumstances, such as a ransomware attack or a cloud disaster, allowing you to continue using data and conducting your operations with minimal disruption 

Take the worry out of data management 

Druva’s data protection solution is the only one supported by the Druva Data Resiliency Guarantee, which ensures you always get the reliability, security and availability you need and expect. Underpinned by best-in-class SLAs, the guarantee provides up to $10million in coverage to businesses that don’t receive the service levels outlined. This way, you can feel 100% confident that your business won’t be affected by data-related issues, thanks to Druva’s leading SaaS-based protection, and the financial fallback that covers any unlikely or unforeseeable occurrences. Whether the issue is cyber, human, application, operational or environmental: you won’t lose out. 

Choosing Druva is not just a smart decision, it’s a strategic one. With our industry-leading SaaS platform for data resiliency, customers achieve unmatched security, availability, and scalability for all data protection needs. Completely eliminate costly, clunky hardware and software, simplify management for your IT team, and ensure you have what it takes to recover clean data no matter the threat. With Druva, customers increase the accessibility and availability of their data while reducing overall risk, cost, and complexity. Don’t just protect your data, transform it with Druva.

Ian Parslow,

International Channel Director, Druva

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