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SCC is helping organisations like yours to strengthen your security posture, optimise productivity, and ensure a streamlined user experience.



Align security to your strategic business goals. 



Reduce business and technical risk 



Improve visibility across your digital footprint 



Alleviate your internal resource challenges 



Enhance your security compliance management 



Combat security vendor sprawl

Our customers

Organisations who trust SCC with their Cyber Security

“We have a track record of successfully integrating businesses into STB Group, therefore it’s crucial we remain flexible so that when opportunities arise our IT strategy is an enabler rather than a blocker to growth. What helped SCC win our business was their approach to both the bid process and how they would manage the initial operation.”

Roy Aston
Chief Technology Officer
Secure Trust Bank

“SCC is a key strategic partner for Gist. We have had a long standing and trusted relationship and we consider them an incredibly safe pair of hands for the levels of service and support that Gist requires them to provide on our complex and mission-critical IT infrastructure.”

Mike Hornby
Head of IT

Our solutions

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our expert-led assessment and advisory services are aligned with industry standards, offering valuable insights into industry trends, your security posture, and your desired outcomes. By leveraging our expertise and best practices, we help you enhance your long-term governance and improve business outcomes and continuity. 


Efficiently address, manage, and minimise security concerns with our comprehensive penetration testing and red teaming services. Our CHECK-accredited ethical hackers offer detailed reporting and recommendations to help you rapidly address potential risks to your business. 

Managed Security Services

Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team of security professionals who use innovative technology and optimised processes to monitor and analyse your organisation’s digital footprint. Our services can help minimise the risk of security breaches, whilst freeing up your internal resources to focus on other crucial business operations.

Detection & Response

Our MDR service provides round-the-clock detection and response capabilities, by combining best of breed technologies and automation we can prevent, detect, and respond to threat across your entire estate. By partnering with us, we provide end to end visibility and reduce the risk of data loss or business disruption caused by security incidents. 

Incident Response & Recovery

From planning to post-incident activities, we can assist you in managing the unexpected and safeguarding your brand. Our incident response services are intelligence-led and encompass planning, reputation management, legal support, digital forensics, and communication activities. 

Security Control Supply & Provisioning

We partner with industry leading vendors to support your end-to-end security requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the right tooling you need to empower your business in making the best business and technical decisions to reduce complexity, risk and streamline operational efficiency.  

How can SCC help?

Customer first is one of our key values and we help clients succeed through IT transformation and exceptional customer experiences through our approach of discover, design, supply, implement, manage and optimise. We offer strategic support and advice through the whole lifecycle of the relationship to ensure thorough communication, alleviation of any risks, build trusted relationships to ensure the delivery of business outcomes.



We analyse risks to your organisation to identify potential threats and classify your data by level of criticality. 



We work with you to define and implement appropriate safeguards across your infrastructure and integrate security components that are required based on identified risks. 



We implement detection systems, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR), to correlate elements of your infrastructure and use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies. 



In the event of an incident, we provide actionable insight and rapid containment to reduce the risk of business disruption and brand reputational damage. 



We plan for data backup and archiving systems and processes to quickly restore business in the event of an attack. After an attack, we assist with evidence recovery and analysis to prevent recurrence and optimise protections in place. 

Cyber Security Brochure

Simplifying your cyber security strategy

Supplementary Services

Payment Solutions

We are here to support you by offering agile and flexible payment solutions to help mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence. This can be done through our own “As a Service” subscription based payment models or using our relationships with trusted financial institutions and vendors. Visit Payment Solutions »

Professional Services

SCC has a broad and detailed technical expertise that is capable of providing the right combination of skills to suit our customers’ IT estates. We want them to have the best technology solution, from current resource allocation to future scalability. Visit SCC Professional Services » 


How can SCC support us to reduce, remove or accept security risk in our environment?

We can support you in assessing and understanding the security risks in your environment, and then provide guidance and recommendations to reduce, remove, or accept those risks based on your organisation’s risk tolerance and business objectives. Our approach involves: 

Risk Assessment: We perform a comprehensive risk assessment to enable you to understand your risk by identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities that exist in your environment. 

Risk Analysis: We then analyse the identified risks based on their likelihood and potential impact on your business operations and data assets.
Risk Mitigation: We provide guidance and recommendations to reduce or remove the identified risks through the implementation of appropriate security controls or risk mitigation strategies. If certain risks cannot be fully addressed or eliminated, we work with you to develop appropriate risk acceptance criteria and procedures to manage them. 

Ongoing Visibility: We continuously monitor your environment to identify new risks and ensure that existing risks are effectively managed. 
Overall, our goal is to work with you to ensure that your organisation is able to manage security risks effectively while maintaining the necessary level of business agility and flexibility. 

I want to improve security across my organisation, how can I do that without impacting the user experience? 

Improving security without negatively impacting the user experience is a delicate balance, but there are some steps you can take to achieve this: 
Educate your employees: Provide security awareness training to your employees to help them understand the importance of security and how to spot potential threats. This can help them to be more security-conscious in their daily work without disrupting their routines. 
Implement multifactor authentication: Enforce the use of multifactor authentication for access to critical systems and sensitive data. This adds an extra layer of security without requiring significant effort from the user. 
Use security solutions with minimal impact: Choose security solutions that are designed to have minimal impact on user experience. For example, modern endpoint protection solutions can use machine learning and AI to identify and prevent threats without slowing down your devices. 
Regularly update and patch software: Ensure that all software is regularly updated and patched to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by attackers. This can be done without impacting the user experience by scheduling updates during off-hours or when users are not actively working. 
By taking a proactive approach to security and using solutions that minimise impact on user experience, you can improve your organization’s security posture while maintaining productivity and user satisfaction. 

I am currently experiencing a cyber incident, what should I do? 

In the event of a cyber incident, time is of the essence.  As a trusted cybersecurity provider, we can assist you in every step of the way, from responding to the incident to identifying the cause, providing recommendations, and implementing security measures to prevent future attacks. 
Contact our team » 

How can SCC help us move to the cloud with minimal impact on security? 

When transforming to the cloud, it’s important to prioritise security to protect your data and systems. To minimise the impact of this transition on your organisation, you can consider the following: 

Develop a clear cloud migration strategy: Before moving any data or applications to the cloud, create a well-defined plan that outlines the goals, potential risks, and the security measures required to protect your data. 

Perform a security assessment: Assess your current security measures and identify any gaps that could pose a threat to your organisation during the migration process. Address those gaps and ensure that the cloud service provider you choose has the necessary security controls in place. 

Choose the right cloud provider: Select a provider that aligns with your organisation’s security needs and has a proven track record of implementing and maintaining robust security measures.
Utilise encryption and access controls: Implement encryption and access controls to protect your data and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to it. 

Educate your employees: Educate your employees on the risks associated with the cloud and the importance of adhering to security policies and procedures. 
By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition to the cloud with minimal impact on your organisation while maintaining a strong security posture.

I am concerned about our 3rd party risks. How can you help to ensure we have the appropriate controls in place with our third-party supply chain? 

We understand the importance of managing third-party risks and can help you to implement appropriate controls across your supply chain. Our experts will work with you to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend measures to mitigate them. We can also conduct audits and assessments of your third-party vendors to ensure they comply with your security standards and requirements. By partnering with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your third-party risks are being effectively managed and controlled. 

How can you provide me with near real time insights into my security risk exposure? 

We can provide you with 24/7/365 continuous monitoring and analysis of your environment using advanced security technologies and threat intelligence. This will enable us to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities in real-time and provide you with immediate insights into your security risk exposure. We will also provide regular reporting and recommendations for improving your security to enable you to visualise and understand your security posture. 

What steps can I take to qualify for a Cyber Insurance Policy that offers cost-saving benefits, and how can you help me meet the requirements? 

When you choose us as your cybersecurity partner, we will help you establish the right measures and strategy to comply with regulations and standards. We will provide the necessary documentation and evidence to support your application for a cyber insurance policy. 

If you experience a security incident, your policy may mandate certain security measures, such as firewalls and encryption, and you may need to demonstrate that these measures were implemented and monitored during the incident. 

We will collaborate with you to ensure that you have the necessary protection and readiness to manage the claims process if a security incident occurs. 

What strategies can you offer to help me improve employee engagement, awareness, and training across my organisation to reduce human error in security incidents? 

We offer a range of strategies to boost employee engagement, awareness, and training across your organisation, which can help reduce the risk of human error in security incidents. Some of these strategies include:
Security awareness training: We provide tailored security awareness training to help employees understand the risks and best practices for staying secure in their day-to-day work. This training can include topics such as phishing awareness, password security, and safe browsing practices. 

Gamification: We use gamification techniques to make security awareness training more engaging and interactive. This can include quizzes, challenges, and other activities that incentivise employees to learn about security best practices. 

Regular communication: We help you to establish regular communication channels with your employees to keep them informed of the latest security threats, policies, and procedures. This can include newsletters, emails, and other forms of communication that keep employees engaged and informed. 

Security champions: We help you to identify and train a group of security champions within your organisation who can act as advocates for security best practices and help to spread awareness among their colleagues.
Continuous training and education: We offer ongoing training and education programs to ensure that employees are updated with the latest security threats and best practices. 

By implementing these strategies, we can help you to create a security-aware culture across your organisation, reducing the risk of human error and improving overall security posture.

I am having difficulty hiring and retaining security personnel, what assistance can you provide to address this challenge? 

We understand that hiring and retaining security personnel can be a challenge for many organisations. To address this challenge, we offer a range of services that can help you fill the gaps in your security team and retain your existing talent. 

Firstly, we can provide you with access to our dedicated team of highly skilled security professionals who can act as an extension of your team. Our security experts have diverse skill sets and experience across a range of industries, so we can match you with professionals who have the knowledge you need to address your specific security needs.
Secondly, we can offer training and development programs for your existing security personnel, to help them grow their skills and advance their careers. This can include access to our online training resources, as well as customised training programs tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. 

SCC can help you to overcome the challenges of hiring and retaining security personnel and ensure that your organisation has the expertise it needs to stay secure.

Can you suggest ways to manage and optimise my cyber budget while still ensuring effective cybersecurity measures and compliance with regulations and standards? 

We can help you manage and optimise your cyber budget by first conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current cybersecurity posture and identifying any gaps or inefficiencies in your security program. Based on our findings, we can provide recommendations for cost-effective measures to enhance your security while streamlining your security spend. This may include prioritising investments in key areas such as network segmentation, endpoint protection, and incident response.
Additionally, we can assist in developing a strategy for compliance with relevant regulations and standards, which can help reduce the likelihood of costly fines or penalties. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum value for your cybersecurity investments, while still maintaining a strong security posture. 

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We are proud to have built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology partners, enabling us to deliver best-in-class Cyber Security solutions. 

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