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Not only is it vital to keep pace with innovation, but this has to be balanced against the need to embrace flexibility, keep data and applications secure, and find more efficient ways of working all the time.

Achieving and maintaining this balance for our customers is the cornerstone of our 15+ year partnership with Red Hat. As a long-standing Premier Partner, Red Hat helps us deliver on-premise, managed and hosted services across any platform.

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Red Hat Professional Services: streamlining the hybrid cloud experience

A world-leading creator of open-source technologies for the enterprise, Red Hat supports software across automation, cloud, containerisation, middleware, storage, app development, management, microservices and more. Through our service delivery and Red Hat’s technologies, we can enable our customers to run all of their workloads any place, any time, backed by the power of the cloud and automation.

  As a long-term partner of Red Hat, SCC are leading the way in driving innovative solutions that are helping organisations all over the world overcome challenges in an increasingly complex IT world. With SCC customer knowledge and utilising key Red hat offerings, SCC are able to help customers address challenges around Automation, Cloud native development and hybrid infrastructure.

Janine Wallis – UK Ecosystem leader

Supporting customers with core-critical cloud infrastructures

Together, we’re able to migrate our customers onto Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is fully certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors

This consistent, flexible, open-source operating system enables faster data delivery, and is instrumental in driving new innovations for the workloads of our customers. Through one centralised interface, customers can efficiently manage edge systems and connect all data and devices through their hybrid cloud infrastructures.

SCC’s expertise is helping to refresh, renew, maintain and grow Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and for our customers, it means they can run all of their mission-critical, heavy duty workloads across every application and platform.

Build applications and workloads once, and deploy them anywhere

Containerisation helps businesses build applications and workloads that can then be deployed on any platform. However, the variations between those platforms mean that they often need rebuilding when a migration takes place, which can heavily consume both time and resources.

The open-source container approach that Red Hat’s OpenShift platform provides solves those challenges, as applications and workloads can be built in a container once and then easily deployed to any platform. This added mobility gives our customers extra flexibility around where they host and run their activities, while also reducing the exit costs often incurred when moving applications from one platform to another.

Accelerating automation for fast, cost-effective service delivery

Expanding volumes of data and applications require increased resources to manage. With human IT skills still in very short supply, this can be extremely expensive to achieve, and so the most cost-effective and practical answer is automation.

Red Hat’s Ansible solution provides that all-important automation to our customers, by way of open-source tooling available on a subscription basis. As well as the use of enterprise-grade technology for automation and orchestration, SCC and Red Hat can collectively deliver all the support services needed to keep things running smoothly. This helps our customers reduce costs, relieve the admin burden on the in-house IT team, and improve service delivery for downstream customers.

Hear from Polly McCorrmick (SCC Software Partner Manager) and Luke Day (Red Hat Partner Manager) as they discuss how the partnership is evolving and how together they can customers succeed using Red Hat’s technology and SCC’s extensive knowledge and experience around the Hybrid Cloud.

How you can benefit from our partnership

When you partner with SCC for hybrid cloud infrastructure, our customers receive the benefit of Red Hat’s market-leading technologies and expertise. But, thanks to our partnership of nearly two decades, we deliver so much more, including:

  • In-house services capabilities and a network of specialist partners
  • Access to Red Hat’s platform for building and deploying applications, alongside SCC wrap-around technologies and integrations to complete the customer journey
  • Customer consultation and support to address any problems
  • Better quality systems, increased customer satisfaction, and quicker application speed to market

Solving your biggest business challenges

With SCC and Red Hat, customers can maximise their potential and achieve their goals around:

  • Hyperscale infrastructure: the ability to appropriately scale architectures, in line with data, application and downstream customer demands
  • Skills base: the use of automation to augment in-house IT skills, address the shortage of qualified IT staff, and find more efficient and cost-effective ways of running applications and workloads
  • Security: get protection for data, systems and applications with the robust security measures of the cloud, ensuring business value is protected and disruption is minimised
  • Analytics: exploiting data to find insights that guide better and faster business decisions

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