Journey to the Multi-Cloud with SCC and VMware

Organisations need a fresh approach that delivers consistency, compliance and confidence to truly thrive in a multi-cloud world.

With VMware Cloud™, you can transform the siloed practices of your expanding IT portfolio into an intelligent cloud operating model that meets the demands of traditional and modern applications and your business.

SCC and VMware together help companies Build, Design and Run their Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions. With SCC holding the advanced VMware partner status you can be confident that we can help redefine the foundation of IT to power in every application on any cloud by using multi-Cloud solutions from VMware.

Key Benefits of migrating to the VMware Cloud with SCC

Rapidly migrate all workloads from the data centre to the cloud with consistent infrastructure.

Minimise the cost of eliminating application re-work.

Migrate at scale with no downtime, while maintaining application integrity.

Balance your resources by consolidating your data centres and extending to the cloud.

Extend security and governance for all applications across clouds, with consistent operations.

Choose the optimal environment for your applications across thousands of Global Cloud Providers, all built on VMware Cloud Foundation.

Avoid complex clouds

Do you use multiple public clouds that opens a gateway to agility and innovation, but you currently have different operating models and management tools for each cloud which has introduced complexity, inefficiency and risk?

VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions, it will enable you to migrate workloads over 40% faster by keeping your infrastructure consistent in any cloud and access the power of leading hyperscale clouds across more than 4,000 sites around the world to flexible deliver any application, anywhere.

Accelerate your Modern App development

VMware uses built-in Kubernetes and innovative services of Public Cloud providers to modernize apps and accelerate new software development allowing your business to allocate time and costs other areas of your business, without the opportunity cost.

This enables you to operate consistently by gaining control over multiple clouds and application architectures to reduce risk and costs without slowing you down.

VMware Products for Multi-Cloud

VMware offers a wide selection of products for the multi-cloud allowing you to find the product that suits the needs and demands of your business. Some of these include: 

  • VMware Cloud Foundation: Supports both traditional enterprise and modern apps and provides a complete set of highly secure software-defined services for compute, storage, network, security, Kubernetes, and cloud management.
  • VMware Tanzu: Free your apps and simplify your operations, using VMware Tanzu. Bring Dev and Ops together to continuously build, run and manage apps your users love on any cloud you choose.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS: Be a hybrid cloud hero. Extend your private cloud vSphere workloads to AWS Cloud — securely, rapidly and easily.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS outposts: Get the agility and innovation of VMware Cloud in your own data centre, delivered as a service.
  • CloudHealth by VMware Suite: CloudHealth by VMware delivers intelligent insights that help you optimize costs, improve governance, and strengthen your cloud security posture.
  • vRealize Cloud Management: Accelerate innovation, gain operational excellence, and improve control while mitigating risk so you can make cloud your business. Available both on-premises and SaaS and comes in several packages.
  • VMware Cloud on Dell: Delivered as a service to data centre and edge locations, VMware Cloud on Dell and its hybrid cloud services provide simple, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

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