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Simplify your cloud journey by leveraging our consultancy, skills and infrastructure options. 

Cloud Services can help support you with 

Accelerating time to value 

Cost of operations 

Cyber security threats 

Managing and optimise cost 

Governance, Regulations & Compliance 

Improving customer engagement 

Recruiting and retaining talent 

SCC is helping organisations like yours develop their long-term cloud strategy to meet the following strategic outcomes. 


Data driven decision making 

Using facts, metrics and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives and initiatives. 


Increased operational efficiency 

Leveraging technology and automation to make organisations are leaner, agile and more profitable. 



Using technology to implement new ideas and solutions looking at people, markets, policy, culture, finance, and infrastructure support. 


Responsiveness and scalability 

Improving speed and the ability of a system to handle sudden changes in workload without negatively impacting performance. 


Security and resilience 

The ability to anticipate, withstand and recover from compromises on systems ensuring organisations continue to run operationally. 



The ability for your organisation to maintain or support a process continuously over time without compromising the environment. 

Our customers

Organisations who trust SCC with their Cloud Services

“Lancashire have core values that we follow and have a collaborative culture. Finding the right people to work with is very important to us – SCC demonstrate those values.”

Mike Sheehan, 
Head of IT Operations at Lancashire Insurance 

“We came to SCC because we did not want to have multiple solutions, from differing providers. We needed a trusted pair of hands that could provide solutions across the entire range of our IT needs. The depth and breadth of the SCC solutions available, from connectivity to cloud, and their overall capability meant we had one provider to go to for everything.”

Iain Hepburn
IS Mobilisation Lead
Mitie Care & Custody

“SCC have provided Price Forbes with a highly reliable, scalable and robust cloud based IT infrastructure. This gives us confidence not only in our day to day utilisation of IT but on our ambitions for digital transformation and the introduction of cutting-edge technology to expand our business and services to our global client base.”

Steve Jolley
Chief Information Officer
Price Forbes

“We have a track record of successfully integrating businesses into STB Group, therefore it’s crucial we remain flexible so that when opportunities arise our IT strategy is an enabler rather than a blocker to growth. What helped SCC win our business was their approach to both the bid process and how they would manage the initial operation.”

Roy Aston
Chief Technology Officer
Secure Trust Bank

Our Cloud Services Solutions 

Public Cloud

SCC Hyperscale is a dedicated division enabling customers transformation to Public Cloud services.
Providing assessment, modernisation, optimisation and managed services to Private and Public Sector organisations. Enabling digital transformation through strategy consultation, planning, adoption and governance of multi-cloud services across Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud combines on-site infrastructure with Public Cloud and/or Private Cloud environments. In the Private Cloud hardware and software are dedicated to your organisation or are provided by your Managed Service Provider, such as SCC’s Cloud+ and Sentinel services. Since no one is sharing your resources, you reduce the chances of data security issues. This means you can take advantage of many Public Cloud benefits but with greater control.


Our colocation services keep services continually available, physically secure and fully supported. We are one of the UK’s leading Data Centre Services providers, providing Data Centre Services to UK’s Public Sector, Private Sector and Systems Integrators. The data centre portfolio is connected by diverse, scalable, high capacity, low latency fibre circuits offering options for inter-data centre connectivity.

Data Management

Modern IT management requires the integration and management of data across these hybrid and multi-cloud environments, making storage solutions that support such deployments essential. Selecting the right storage solution is essential to ensure that an organisation can meet its data storage requirements efficiently and effectively, to support data-driven decision-making, business continuity, and security.

On Prem

Our On Prem solution provides infrastructure services via a cloud operating model with services being delivered at customer data centres or hosted via a 3rd party. Next-Generation Infrastructure Platforms with leading levels of efficiency, performance and manageability are provided through simple platform management.

Advance Network Connectivity

With Advanced Network Connectivity in place, organisations have the technology required to maximise efficiency and productivity in a fast-changing business landscape. Our SD-WAN Managed Service delivers an end-to-end service that takes the headache out of managing your business connectivity.

Supplementary Services

Cloud Security 

SCC can help you implement the right tools and security controls for provision of continuous monitoring and incident response across your Cloud Services. Our aim is to mitigate legal and financial risk and to also remove any potential damage to your reputation. Visit SCC Cyber Security Services »

Cloud Software 

SCC can help select, buy and renew, manage software assets, optimise the right software solutions and reduce your annual software costs for your Cloud Services delivering real business benefits throughout the lifecycle of your software procurements. Visit SCC Software Services »

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We can work with you to give you an agnostic view of your current IT infrastructure to support you on your digital transformation journey and make the right purchasing decisions. Find out more about our FREE cloud readiness assessment offering.

Payment Solutions 

We are here to support you by offering agile and flexible payment solutions to help mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence. This can be done through our own “As a Service” subscription based payment models or using our relationships with trusted financial institutions and vendors. Visit Payment Solutions »

Professional Services 

SCC has a broad and detailed technical expertise that is capable of providing the right combination of skills to suit our customers’ IT estates. We want them to have the best technology solution, from current resource allocation to future scalability. Visit SCC Professional Services »

How can SCC help?

Customer first is one of our key values and we help clients succeed through IT transformation and exceptional customer experiences through our approach of discover, design, supply, implement, manage and optimise. We offer strategic support and advice through the whole lifecycle of the relationship to ensure thorough communication, alleviation of any risks, build trusted relationships to ensure the delivery of business outcomes. 

Every customer journey starts with an idea.

We can help you on every step of your journey by understanding what you want to achieve, then working with you to find the best way of getting there.

Next, we design a solution.

The design process is where we collaborate with you on the technologies available, including how the technology and service should be aligned. These help us to learn about your business to ensure the best recommendations for your digital workplace strategy.

Then we source your solution.

We will then source the technology and resources to ensure they meet all your needs in terms of budget, time, functionality and other objectives.

Then we build and deliver your solution.

Our team of technology experts will migrate you to the cloud will help with everything from sourcing to deployment and migration, whilst ensuring your teams are up-to speed from day one.

We can then manage your solution.

Our managed services are designed to enhance our standard offering with proactive monitoring, strategic design reviews and ongoing assessments to give the best possible experience.

And also help you get the most out of it.

Optimisation services give you greater visibility of your Digital Workplace, ensuring it is designed to provide the best balance between cost and performance.

Cloud Services Brochure 

Simplifying your cloud strategy 

Our partners

We are proud to have built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology partners, enabling us to deliver best-in-class Cloud Services solutions.


What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services facilitate the two-way flow of user data from front-end clients, through the internet, to the provider’s systems. It is an offering in which infrastructure resources are complemented by integrated platform services.

What are the benefits of Cloud Services?

1.Data driven decision making
2.Increased operational efficiency
4.Responsiveness and scalability
5.Security and resilience

What are the change drivers for an organisation pursuing Cloud Services?

1.Accelerate Time To Value
2.Cost of Operations
3.Cyber Security Threats
4.Governance, Regulations & Compliance
5.Improve Customer Engagement
6.Recruiting and retaining talent

How do I integrate Cloud Services?

Integration in the cloud involves either creating cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-on-premises integration, or a combination of both. Integrations can address different business components:
– Connecting data and applications
– Accessing, cleansing, transforming, and sharing data
– Manage and distribute from all data storage options

Why are Cloud Services important?

Cloud services allow organisations to scale and adapt at speed to streamline operations, accelerate innovation, drive business agility, and importantly reduce costs in this current climate. Therefore allowing organisations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus efforts on business operations and not managing complex IT infrastructure.

How do I manage risk and security in Cloud Services?

Managing risk and security in a cloud environment involves several key considerations. Here are some general best practices that you can follow:
1.Understand the Shared Responsibility Model: With cloud services, there is a shared responsibility model between the cloud provider and the customer. The provider is responsible for securing the physical infrastructure, while the customer is responsible for securing their own applications, data, and access to the cloud service. Be clear about what aspects of security are your responsibility.
2.Choose a secure cloud service provider: Look for a cloud service provider with strong security measures in place, such as data encryption, access controls, intrusion detection and prevention, and regular security audits.
3.Use strong authentication: Implement strong authentication mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication, to ensure that only authorized users have access to your cloud services.
4.Implement access controls: Implement access controls that limit the privileges of users and applications, and ensure that access to sensitive data is restricted to authorized individuals.
5.Regularly monitor for suspicious activity: Monitor your cloud services regularly for suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts or unusual data access patterns.
6.Backup and disaster recovery planning: Ensure that you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place to mitigate the impact of any security incidents or data loss.
7.Regularly Review and Update Security Policies: Regularly review and update your security policies and procedures to ensure that they remain effective and relevant.
By following these best practices, you can help to manage risk and security in your cloud services environment or partner with a Managed Service Provider to do this for you.

How do I maximise cost-effectiveness in a cloud environment?

Here are some general best practices that you can follow:
1.Choose the right cloud service model: Understand the different cloud service models (e.g., Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service) and choose the model that best fits your needs. This can help you avoid paying for unnecessary features or capabilities.
2.Use reserved instances: Reserved Instances are a cost-saving option provided by most cloud service providers. They allow you to reserve capacity in advance at a lower hourly rate, resulting in significant cost savings over time.
3.Use autoscaling: Autoscaling allows you to automatically adjust your cloud resources based on demand. By using autoscaling, you can ensure that you are only paying for the resources you need at any given time.
4.Monitor resource usage: Regularly monitor your resource usage to identify any areas where you can optimize your usage or reduce unnecessary spending.
5.Use cloud cost management tools: Many cloud service providers offer cost management tools that can help you analyze and optimize your cloud spending. These tools can provide insights into your resource usage, cost breakdowns, and potential cost-saving opportunities.
6.Leverage cloud discounts and promotions: Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions offered by your cloud service provider. Many providers offer promotional pricing for new customers or discounted rates for long-term commitments.
7.Use cloud native solutions: Leveraging cloud-native solutions and services can help you save costs by eliminating the need to build and maintain your own infrastructure.
By following these best practices, you can help to maximise cost-effectiveness in your cloud environment. However, keep in mind that optimising your cloud spending is an ongoing process and requires ongoing attention and effort.

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