SCC & TCL: Democratising technology for innovation

SCC has partnered with TCL to deliver its mission to democratise innovation. 

Bringing cutting edge technology at affordable prices to SCC customers. With a wide portfolio of products, from smartphones and tablets to TVs and earbuds, TCL has a device to fulfil your business needs, at a price that won’t stop you growing elsewhere.

The telecoms industry in the UK is a crowded space. To stand out, you have to create a niche for yourself, and deliver something that stands out against your competition. We at TCL took on that challenge, confident that our brand message and proposition would make us stand apart from all the other brands targeting UK consumers.

William Paterson

UK and Ireland Country Director, TCL Mobile

Pioneering audio technology

We transform ideas and new possibilities into better audio solutions. We do this by looking at audio holistically and by engineering every single detail.  

For users, this means being able to trust our products to perform and staying at the forefront of what is technically possible, while never compromising user experience and ease.

Democratising technology

Technology is always growing in complexity, with things such as artificial intelligence, extended reality, edge, and many other emerging technologies coming into the mainstream. For technology users, however, interfaces are becoming more and more intuitive. 

Leaps in technological innovation in areas like AI, cloud computing and software robotics are powerful democratising factors in business, allowing companies to scale processes more quickly than ever before and reduce barriers like infrastructure or cost. 

TCL offers premium features, on devices with a premium design, at incredible value, delivered as part of holistic solutions in partnership with SCC. Together, we bring cutting edge technology to the lower price bracket, focusing not on the latest technological innovation, but perfecting those that offer true value to the user. 

The TCL 20 R 5G is a perfect example of this commitment to democratising innovation, delivering a 5G handset that is built for business, at less than £180 RRP, with all the features you need in a secure work phone. All TCL devices prioritise quality, reliability, and security, delivering a device you can trust to handle your workload safely and efficiently, no matter your need.

Features and benefits

Display greatness 

  • Most affordable 5G smartphone on the market 
  • Premium design and features, at low-mid level pricing 
  • Focus on perfecting technology and making it available for all

Holistic digital experience 

  • A broad portfolio of technology, including tablets, mobiles, TVs, earbuds, and air systems 
  • Solutions for hybrid working at the smart home and the smart office 
  • Pedigree in the industry, meaning constant support and updates, with a value promise

Expertise from the big screen, to the little one 

  • TCL is one of the global leaders in TV distribution 
  • Decades of experience creating industry leading displays for TV, with all that expertise being brought to mobile, instantly delivering class leading mobile displays 

Android Enterprise Recommended, without the price tag 

  • Highly affordable smartphones, each with the AER guarantee 
  • Minimum of 1 OS Update, Zero-Touch enrolment, Security Updates 
  • Large memory designed to install all the security software a business may require

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