SCC and ASUS: equipping forward-thinking businesses

The long-standing partnership between SCC and ASUS ensures that our customers always have everything they need to be productive and agile.

As a multinational company known for the world’s best motherboards, as well as high-quality PCs, monitors, graphics cards, routers and other technologies, ASUS is at the forefront of the technology that enables modern business. By bringing ASUS products to our customers, we ensure they meet the needs of their workforce and customer bases, and enhance experiences like never before.

ASUS are delighted to be partnering with SCC across all our product ranges, including our award-winning Laptop and Chromebook product sets. The partnership is so perfect due to both SCC and ASUS striving to provide the best solutions possible for their customers, where quality is key and providing the best customer service is paramount.

Daniel Bennett, Senior Sales Manager, UK & Ireland 

An innovative market leader

ASUS develops almost everything that a modern, flexible business needs from its technology. Its vast range of products includes end-user devices like workstations, monitors, mini PCs and Chromebooks; underlying technology like audio solutions, multimedia equipment and graphics cards; and infrastructure products like motherboards, servers and networking devices. All their products are made with durability, ease of use and performance at their core: hard-wearing to withstand the rigours of everyday working life, and equipped with the latest innovations and features to maximise efficiency and productivity.

A partnership founded on innovation

A common trait within SCC and ASUS is our forward-thinking nature, and we’re proud to bring the best of both organisations to our business customers. SCC is an ASUS Business Silver Partner, meaning we enjoy direct access to the solutions and expertise that can make a real difference to how our customers operate day-to-day. So when you partner with SCC, you get the benefit of all of our years of experience – and much, much more.

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