SCC and AMD: powering secure, high-performance business

For many years, SCC and AMD have utilised our respective market-leading positions to drive better technological solutions for businesses big and small.

As organisations look for more flexible ways to run their businesses, they want not only the technology to enable work anywhere and at any time, but also the expertise to implement it properly and maximise its performance. The blend of AMD’s powerful AMD Ryzen™ Processors, 4th Gen EPYC™ Processors and SCC’s managed services and support functionality gives customers that vital combination, fit for the challenges of the new world of work.

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SCC is proud to be recognised by AMD with Executive level partner status.

As a long-standing AMD Executive partner, SCC have continued to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration.  With fantastic people, industry leading knowledge and a legacy built on trust, Customers can be confident that our joint approach delivers on a clear goal. Helping you solve your challenges.

Ben Green

UK Channel Sales Manager, AMD

Together we advance_AI

AI PCs advanced by AMD Ryzen™ AI are engineered to run the next generation of business applications, accelerating critical processes while keeping data on your own devices.

Open the door to a new world of possibilities that will change the way you work. Accelerated multitasking, increased productivity, and advanced collaboration are just some of the benefits that AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to provide, with more to come in the future.

Businesses can optimize AI deployment costs with an upfront investment in AMD Ryzen™ AI powered PCs. The power to control your own AI processing opens the AI revolution to open-source software and allows us to envision a future where AI service subscription costs are lower or possibly eliminated when you use dedicated AI processing power in AMD Ryzen™ AI. In partnership with AMD, we supply our customers with AMD Ryzen™ Processors, which are ideal for the needs of the modern workforce. With up to eight high-performance cores and AMD Ryzen™ AI, AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7040 series processors accelerate performance using Microsoft Office applications while running a Microsoft Teams conference with AI effects including advanced background blur, eye gaze correction, and auto framing enabled.1

1. Testing as of 6/23/23, by AMD Performance Labs using the following benchmark tests: Procyon Overall, Procyon Word, Procyon Excel, Procyon PowerPoint, each while running a simulated 9-person (3:3) Microsoft Teams video conference call with utilizing system configuration for AMD Ryzen 7 7840U @15W TDP: MAYAN FP7-101DRC3INT-230331 (CRB), 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, Integrated Radeon Graphics, Windows 11 Pro running in “high-performance mode,” with Advanced Background Blur, eye gaze detection (using a mannequin to simulate the feature) and auto framing enabled via Ryzen AI. System configuration for Qualcomm SQ3 processor: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, Qualcomm integrated graphics, Windows 11 Pro running in “best performance mode,” and Advanced Background Blur, eye gaze detection (using a mannequin to simulate the feature) and auto framing enabled via Qualcomm integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). System configurations may vary yielding different results. PHXP-38.

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The Journey to Sustainability

AMD has long been a leader in sustainable technology. They believe it’s their duty to help protect the planet by providing companies with energy-saving solutions and reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. And they’ve built a proven track record with well over 25 years of public reporting to back up their mission. Now, SCC and AMD have partnered to deliver the incredible range of AMD Ryzen™ products whilst prioritising the sustainability of their technology.

Offering solutions for sustainability is one thing, but many businesses want to know exactly how this is achieved. AMD strives to attain sustainability across the business by focusing on 3 core missions:

1) Minimising Environmental Impacts

This applies throughout AMD’s operations and supply chain. They consistently make a conscious effort to source renewable energy, harvest rainwater, recycle waste, and even ensure their employees are part of their Go Green Program.

2) Collaborating to Achieve Innovation

AMD recognises that improving technology is only a small percentage of what’s needed to achieve a more sustainable future. Collaborating with other parties to tackle environmental challenges helps to advance scientific research in ways that AMD cannot alone.

3) Advancing Sustainability Performance

Customers choose AMD to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. And they’ve already made their mark – for example, AMD processors reduced DBS’ data centre footprint by 25%. This is only a fraction of the impact AMD has made on environmental sustainability and the future promises many more success stories.

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AMD EPYC™ Processors: The worlds best data center CPU

No matter what the workload demands are, the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processor portfolio offers a solution to advance your business.  From general purpose to edge computing, there is a processor to meet every data center need

Leadership Performance

AMD EPYC™ Processors power the highest-performing x86 servers for the modern data center, on prem and in cloud environments, across industries.1

1.SP5-143A: SPECrate®2017_int_base comparison based on performing system published scores from as of 6/13/2013. 2P AMD EPYC 9754 scores 1950 SPECrate®2017_int_base is higher than all other 2P servers. 1P AMD EPYC 9754 scores 981 SPECrate®2017_int_base score (981.4 score/socket) is higher per socket than all other servers. SPEC®, SPEC CPU®, and SPECrate® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See for more information.

Energy Efficiency

AMD EPYC™ Processors power the most energy-efficient x86 servers, helping you reduce energy costs and meet corporate sustainability goals.2

2. EPYC-028C: SPECpower_ssj® 2008, SPECrate®2017_int_energy_base, and SPECrate®2017_fp_energy_base based on results published on SPEC’s website as of 11/10/22. VMmark® server power-performance / server and storage power-performance (PPKW) based results published at The first 80 ranked SPECpower_ssj®2008 publications with the highest overall efficiency overall ssj_ops/W results were all powered by AMD EPYC Processors. For SPECrate®2017 Integer (Energy Base), AMD EPYC CPUs power the first 11 top SPECrate®2017_int_energy_base performance/system W scores. For SPECrate®2017 Floating Point (Energy Base), AMD EPYC CPUs power the first 12 SPECrate®2017_fp_energy_base performance/system W scores. For VMmark® server power-performance (PPKW), have the top four results for 2- and 4-socket matched pair results outperforming all other socket results and for VMmark® server and storage power-performance (PPKW), have the top overall score. See for the full list. More information about SPEC® is available at SPEC, SPECrate, and SPECpower are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. VMmark is a registered trademark of VMware in the US or other countries.


Every AMD EPYC™ Processor includes AMD Infinity Guard, a comprehensive suite of security features that can keep your data safe.3

3. GD-183: AMD Infinity Guard features vary by EPYC™ Processor generations. Infinity Guard security features must be enabled by server OEMs and/or Cloud Service Providers to operate. Check with your OEM or provider to confirm support of these features. Learn more about Infinity Guard at

Working together for modern businesses

Through our collective efforts, SCC and AMD ensure every base is covered when our customers come to us for technology and support. A combination of dedicated account management, field application engineers, and executives aligned to the goals of the end-user means that customers can trust us to deliver the help they need in a fast-changing world of work.

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