SCC and Poly: Creating meeting equity

The hybrid work environment opens a ton of possibilities for your organisation. 

Companies who embrace this shift can evolve their company culture. They can secure and retain the best talent, foster greater employee satisfaction, improve accessibility for everyone, and transform customer interactions. To be successful all employees must be able to fully engage and participate on an equal basis. Inclusive technology: People focused video. Distraction-free audio. Intuitive, frictionless, effortless. SCC & Poly are here to enable business to thrive from anywhere.

SCC has been a long-term strategic partner of Poly for over 15 years, both parties are fully committed to the relationship and SCC has always led the way to ensure they carry the highest level of certification and specializations as a Platinum Partner. Our partnership has seen many great customers wins across the full Poly portfolio for Voice, Video, Enterprise Headsets, and services, winning business across multiple verticals including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and education to name a few. SCC have been recognised on multiple occasions over the years by winning the Poly – Video Partner of the year award.

Paul Harris

Poly Head of Channels UK&IRE

Meet and succeed as equals from any location

Poly is a trailblazer in solving the dilemma of work from anywhere – creating equity between those in the room and those who aren’t. Poly outfits your office space and your personal space – even those in outer space – with the gear you need to look and sound your best. Whether in an office setting, a remote hub, or your home office, SCC and Poly have you covered.


Like all the best new hires, each of Poly’s solutions jump right in and get to work. Poly products integrate seamlessly with the most well-known., most-used and trusted names in video conferencing programs and operating systems. Poly has a long-running partnership with Microsoft to bring customers a suite of products made especially for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Why do they do all this? To avoid introducing yet another system into your workflow and instead, intuitively become part of your everyday.

Acoustic Fence

More collaboration is taking place in open workspaces and other environments that are prone to outside sounds and voices interrupting your video calls. With Acoustic Fence, you can use Poly’s advanced digital microphones to create a virtual boundary where voices inside are heard on the other end of the video call, but voices and noise from outside the fence are blocked. This is helping Poly customers use video effectively from places they never dreamed of before – whether open workspaces, or other spaces that are prone to outside noise becoming a distraction.

Polycom HD Voice

The hallmark of a great conference call is audio quality that sounds just like being in the same room with the other participants. Poly HD Voice technology delivers more than twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. It’s like switching from AM radio to CD-quality audio. The difference is so astounding, you will never want to go back to regular phone calls. You’ll eliminate misunderstandings and save time simply by hearing every word clearly. And you’ll avoid the frustration you experience with poor quality phone calls. Poly Acoustic Clarity technology combines next generation industry-leading full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction with advanced voice processing to give you the superior quality audio experience you expect from Poly.

SCC & Poly

SCC and Poly are well-established partners, delivering award winning collaboration solutions. SCC was named Video Partner of the Year at the 2019 Poly Awards, recognised for its experience and expertise in helping customers achieve their full productivity potential through true end-to-end Poly solutions. SCC were the first Poly partner to achieve the Poly Competency Ribbon, which recognizes technical knowledge and expertise.

SCC AVS is SCC’s specialist Collaboration and UC business, providing solutions and services to many of the UK’s largest public and private sector organisations. From unified communications through data centre, to end user compute, SCC has the expertise experience to bring together top tier technologies, services, applications, and devices to connect networks, organisations, and their people anywhere, anytime.

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