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Accelerate your digital transformation

Payment Solutions to accelerate your digital transformation

As we all navigate an uncertain business climate, both commercial and public sector organisations face limited budgets and delays in government funding respectively. The SCC Payment Solutions team can structure a payment profile against your technology projects to suit your budgetary needs and achieve the business outcome for your organisation.

Either by utilising our unique in house “As a Service” subscription based payment models or using our relationships with trusted financial institutions and vendors we can help you to advance your technology needs even if your budget doesn’t allow for this.

We can also help you to release value from your existing technology estate.

We are here to support you by offering agile and flexible payment solutions to help mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence.

No budget, no problem.

Achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Conserve cash and match the cost of the project against the expected payback period

Organisational agility is boosted by upgrading and evolving your technology more frequently

Accelerate your digital journey and don’t let your budget hold you back, we can help you do more and advance your organisation

Efficiency is key to a successful organisation do not let obsolete IT hold you back

Key Services

As a Service Option

As SCC is vendor independent, we can map the most suitable payment model for any technology project to deliver the right As a Service consumption model for your budgets and project via an all-inclusive managed solution under a single contract and payment. Find out more »

Software Payment Agreement

One simple and effective way to make an immediate impact on your budget and streamline your processes is to focus on software and maintenance renewals and locking them down for at least the next 3 years. Find out more »

Value Release Option

We are also able to release value from your existing estate for the items that you have purchased and wish to keep but plan to phase out over time. SCC can buy those assets from you and wrap a service around them helping you to release capital and spread the cost of the service via a monthly payment, in line with remaining useful life. Find out more »

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