SCC and APC: Superior, dynamic IT infrastructure that guarantees data accessibility and security

A smarter, mobile-enabled business world is driven by data, relying on it being both accessible and secure, every single day. That means it’s never been more important to guarantee the availability of that data all the time, because if that isn’t the case – even for a short period of time – operations are quickly disrupted or cease to function.

Why do SCC and APC work together

APC by Schneider Electric has been the market leader for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure for nearly 40 years. Through its APC brand, it provides a range of reliable innovations such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), ensuring that servers, data centres and other infrastructure always have the power they need to keep data flowing. Combined with the experience and expertise of SCC in supporting business IT, we collectively give our customers confidence and certainty surrounding their data needs.

Helping you grow your business with confidence

In a fast-moving business, access to secure data can’t be left to chance. Schneider Electric’s APC solutions are designed with that critical demand in mind. From battery backups that protect against outages, to comprehensive infrastructure for data centres, we can help you achieve your business goals without worries of inconsistent data availability.

Resilience: APC solutions remove the risk of all of the most common causes of outages, such as on-premise power failures and network failures

Security: Robust security features keep data safe from cybercrime and unauthorised access, improving your compliance efforts

Sustainability: Adopting the latest energy-efficient technology can help you reduce emissions and support your drive towards cleaner operations

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Solve your business challenges with Data Centre Infrastructure Management

A great data centre is much more than hardware and connectivity: it needs monitoring and optimisation to maintain the highest levels of performance. APC’s EcoStruxture IT solution delivers advanced monitoring software, combined with digital and on-site support with global scale, to ensure that your business is getting the best output possible from your infrastructure.

Easily find the solution you need

Whatever the needs of your business, operations and data, our trio of product selectors can connect you to the ideal solution in moments:

UPS Selector: Discover the equipment you need to protect any size of hardware estate, from a single PC to an entire data centre

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UPS Replacement Battery Selector: Start here when you want to upgrade or replace your UPS batteries, across products that are both inside and outside warranty

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Rack Power Distribution Selector: Find a rack power distribution solution that meets your needs, including entry-level networking and high-density server blade environments

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