SCC and Veritas: Better data management in a changing world

SCC partners with Veritas to work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are well-positioned to solve their biggest challenges in data management.

Businesses have never had so much data to collect, store and process, and that burden is increasing all the time. Because of this, we work with our customers to solve their biggest challenges in data management, both today and tomorrow. It’s for that reason that we have partnered with a global leader in enterprise data protection: Veritas Technologies.

For over 20 years Veritas and SCC have worked closely together delivering data management solutions to its customers. The relationship is based on a willingness from both parties to invest in each other’s core skills to drive successful outcomes in the market. As both organisations evolve to take advantage of the ‘Cloud era’ Veritas believes SCC will remain a strong partner for many more years to come and looks forward to growing it’s revenue and customer base across Europe further with them.

Mark Nutt,

Veritas Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales

Perfecting the data balance

The IT landscape is evolving faster than ever, with data, applications and now even users more distributed in nature. This presents challenges in keeping data flowing smoothly through a business, but also in keeping it secure: something that is a major consideration in a world where data protection regulations are tightening all the time. 

The best way to strike the right balance between operational flexibility and compliant security is through an integrated approach. Veritas’s technology achieves this across four key areas: cyber-security, cloud-first protection, compliance products and cost-effective solutions.

Tried, tested, trusted and transformational

We’re proud to offer Veritas’s solutions to our users, so that they can accelerate their digital transformation plans, with all the benefits of multi-cloud data management and no vendor lock-in. 94% of Fortune 100 companies already trust Veritas to transform how they handle data, and to uncover the vital insights that are important to driving competitive advantage in today’s climate. At SCC, we are committed to supporting our customers with the very best in business IT, which is why Veritas are a perfect complement to our portfolio of technical partners.

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