A Success Story from Mischon de Reya LLP

We wanted a supplier we could collaborate with to tailor the service to our specific needs. We required rapid and effective detection, followed by a swift response. That’s why we chose SCC Managed SIEM

Joe Hancock

Head of Cyber Security and Complex Investigations at Mischon de Reya

The Challenge

Our primary objective in partnering with SCC was to enhance visibility and detection capabilities across our critical infrastructure and networks. We previously struggled with limited visibility and poor-quality incident notifications. With a hybrid security approach in mind, combining in-house resources with SCC’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), we aimed to overcome these challenges.

The Solution

Working closely with SCC, we developed a phased onboarding plan to boost visibility across our infrastructure. SCC used a risk-based approach to identify critical workloads and assets for initial log source onboarding. The onboarding process exceeded our expectations, thanks to SCC’s exceptional support. As we neared go-live, SCC’s SOC and Engineering teams focused on baselining and fine-tuning to reduce alert noise and false positives. SCC’s responsiveness and professionalism provided us with valuable, actionable insights and a smooth transition, aided by a dedicated Cyber Services Manager. This collaboration has allowed us to enhance our cybersecurity maturity while easing the burden on our internal resources.


• Increased Visibility: Significantly improved detection of potential threats and security incidents.
• Dedicated Cyber Services Manager: Streamlined communication and personalised attention to our security needs.
• Access to Security Expertise: Benefited from SCC’s extensive knowledge and experience.
• Improved Incident Alert Quality: Enhanced the quality of alerts, enabling swift and effective responses.
• Reduced Alert Noise: Proactive baselining and fine-tuning have minimised

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