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SCC and Panasonic Connect: The overview

For over two decades Panasonic connect have been providing world leading rugged technology. During this time, they have established themselves number one in the rugged computing market and maintained the position as Europe’s leading rugged notebook manufactory for 17 years.

SCC and Panasonic connect have worked together to meet the demands and challenges of a progressing world. Together we have been able to provide highly dependable devices to customers across all verticals.

SCC are proud to hold the highest level of accreditation as a Panasonic connect Premier Partner.

About Panasonic Connect

Panasonic connect specializes in rugged devices and plays a central role in the growth of Panasonic group B2B solutions. Driving innovation in the supply chain, public services, infrastructure, and the entertainment sector, Panasonic connect aims to innovate and improve work where the greatest impact is created.

With decades of experience and constantly revolutionizing with the latest technology, they connect everything they provide from hardware to software all with the aim to create value in the any business.

Connecting people, processes, and technology in a sustainable manner allowing not only Panasonic connect but all businesses to “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow”.

Toughbook rugged laptops and Tablets

TOUGHBOOK sets the industry standard for ruggedised devices that are customisable for the needs of your mobile workers. Panasonic offers its rugged devices with both Android OS and Windows operating systems, ensuring whichever operating system you choose, you can have a rugged device that is perfect for your needs.

The TOUGHBOOK range consists of laptop, tablet, handheld devices and accessories. These are partnered with TOUGHBOOK Professional Services such as warranties and support, enterprise-class software, security and integration. This is just some of the many reasons why TOUGHBOOK is leading the world in rugged tablet and laptops since 1996.



« Recognised for their best in class services, supporting some of the UK market’s largest Rugged deployments, SCC has been a valued partner for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK for many years. Our partnership with SCC has seen us successfully deliver robust mobility solutions into the Public Sector, Enterprise and Supply Chain markets. Panasonic and SCC are the collaboration that organisations turn to when failure is not an option. »

Chris Turner

TOUGHBOOK UK Country Manager