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Empower your people and boost performance with AI-powered automation

Every modern business is now a digital business.

With that comes the massive proliferation of structured and unstructured data that can feel daunting, while draining valuable time and resource. By using AI and automated tools paired with the right expertise, your business can make sense of that unstructured data. IBM has patents in its portfolio specifically for this and together we can automate many more processes across your organisation than vendors that lack these advanced capabilities. The result: streamlined processes, increased efficiency — and reclaimed time. 

At SCC we have the skills and technical capability to guide you on your automation journey and deploy across the organisation. Using hybrid cloud technology from IBM that allows strong collaboration and insight-sharing among your people and networks, we can enable you to continually improve results. From gaining better operational visibility to enabling disperse knowledge workers to quickly access the information they need, together with IBM we can help you modernise business processes and empower your employees to grow revenue.

Bringing automation to life

Reduce business process blockers

Reduce manual operations by up to 80% and achieve 6x faster turnaround time, with IBM business automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

Revolutionise IT operations

Get 25% more initiatives completed at half the labour cost, whether your focus is incident resolution, hybrid app management, or observability – plus free SREs to spend time building new scalable and resilient systems.

Tune network performance

Empower business and network operations teams, improve customer experiences, and ramp up your network operations to achieve up to 6x faster customer response time.

Intelligence beyond simply if/then rules

Discover patterns and accomplish things at a scale that people couldn’t reasonably achieve alone, with built-in explainable AI that looks across all of your events and data.

Optimise investments

Reuse investments across teams and get all the essential intelligent automation capabilities in one solution vs one per team, without time-consuming integrations.

Streamline integration

Save time with pre-integrated and pre-configured solutions that start with open-source foundations packaged to work together, supported by common interfaces and management tools.

Create new revenue streams

Increase brand trust and sales with product authenticity, and open new marketplaces with asset tokenisation.

Guarantee compliance

Ensure security, compliance, portability and version compatibility with a containerised software that complies with a rigorous certification process by IBM.

Cut costs

Reduce operational expense by 6x when better connecting apps and data, and drive cost savings by purchasing only what you need when you need it with prescribed migration and expansion paths.

Tackle Common and Complex Operational Challenges

IBM Cloud Paks for Automation provides a complete and modular set of AI-powered automation capabilities that can support you wherever you are on your automation journey.

Advance Automation with Expert Support from SCC and IBM

SCC shares IBM’s vision, that automation is about giving us more time and helping us use our day differently, to focus on the things that matter most. We also believe that used wisely, automation has the ability to make us more productive and more capable. By partnering with you we can bring IBM’s technology vision to your business and meet your specific industry needs. Our joint capabilities can help you rapidly generate innovative ideas and make them a reality, with the right practices and expertise. This allows you to focus on innovation and keep existing resources in place, with the expertise to provide full support on your journey to AI-powered automation. 

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