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Unleash the value of your data and shape future outcomes

There has never been a better time to achieve impact with your data.

More and more data is becoming available, computing power is increasing, and data science is ever-advancing. “Digital” and “data” are talk of the town, particularly in these uncertain times where customers are demanding more – and when transformation is essential. For today’s businesses, the ability to effectively manage and analyse data supports numerous urgent tasks. And those who apply analytics in order to embed technology such as AI put themselves in a stronger position to tap deeper into the potential value of their data. 

To help you effectively utilise and manage your data, our IBM Professional Service team can offer data expertise, support, and guidance on IBMs best-in-class in technology. From simplifying how you collect, organise, and analyse data, to automating planning and forecasting, we can help you transform your data and drive better business outcomes. When it comes to data storage, SCC’s Data Centre Services unit provides a modular range of managed hosting services from initial solution design, testing and piloting, through to ITIL based service management utilisation tools. As a result, we can manage IBM technology on behalf of our customers, and offer the very best in remote power and storage monitoring services.

Data and analytics challenges we are seeing

Increase accuracy

Quickly understand complex data sets with advanced statistical procedures that ensure high accuracy and quality decision making.

Empower your people

Empower your data science and AI teams to refine data, and visually build and deploy models from your desktop.

Increase speed to value

Accelerate your deep learning workload and speed your time to value with AI model training and inference.

Optimise decisions

Develop and deploy decision optimisation models rapidly using mathematical and constraint programming.

Reduce regulatory risk

Minimise risk and better protect your data and your reputation, with solutions from IBM Watson and IBM Security.

Provide a foundation for AI

Collect and organise data, then virtualise it across disparate systems for AI-fuelled decisions. Unlock the value of your data in new ways and accelerate your journey to AI.

Integrate AI into workflows

Elevate the customer experience, automate IT operations, and improve financial planning.

Deploy AI at scale

Accelerate digital transformation by creating an enduring data and AI strategy, with a data and AI platform that runs anywhere.

A Fast Path to Improved ROI

IBM offers a powerful suite of data and analytics tools built to empower you with problem-solving and predictive prowess. Whether you’re looking to unlock data faster, connect the right data to the right people, or pivot forecasts with greater agility, IBM data solutions enable you to accelerate decision making and drive higher performance. In fact, IBM customers report being able to access distributed data 8x faster at lower costs across cloud and on-premises sources, while experiencing productivity boosts by reducing extract transform load (ETL) requests by up to 65%. What’s more, customers are able to reduce budgeting and forecasting time by a staggering 63% and 70% respectively.

Accelerate Your Data Strategy with SCC and IBM

Together with IBM, we can help you unlock the power of your data and gain the insight needed to set your business apart, provide a differentiated service, and ultimately – increase your profit margin. Partnering with us enables you to take simple steps you towards starting your journey. From unearthing hidden insights with a personalised analytics experience, to uncovering value in data to find answers, trends, and patterns, together with IBM we have the capability to advance your data vision, with solutions built for your industry.

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