IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Assure app performance with smarter resource management.

Increasingly, complex applications run your business. And they can run your teams ragged trying to stay ahead of dynamic demand. When application performance drops, you may overprovision resource allocations, making costly estimates that often don’t always pay off.

With IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM), you can automate critical actions that proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack. Continuously, in real time and without human intervention.

Forrester Research interviewed IBM customers and developed the Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management.

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Healthcare conglomerate Providence deployed IBM Turbonomic app resource management (ARM) to help prove that most of their applications could be downsized—and that automating those resize actions was safe.

Read about the Providence Health case study

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Why SCC and IBM?

With an incredible 40-year partnership, SCC is the UK’s first IBM Platinum Business Partner. We collaborate to deliver next-level solutions, helping businesses amplify their operations with world-class tech, including top-notch storage, whilst prioritising optimum safety and security. For added peace of mind, our dedicated experts are always by your side when you need us most – even when faced with destructive cyber-attacks. This is what incredible tech solutions truly look like.

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