Know your attack surface before the attackers do

Randori helps you achieve real-time visibility with continuous mapping of your entire external perimeter, including shadow IT. Remove blind spots from your environment and prioritise vulnerabilities based on real-world attack scenarios and temptation scores.

Request a free attack surface review now. Uncover visibility gaps and see the blind spots that hackers are most likely to exploit. Randori’s discovery engine is completely “black-box” and only requires an email address.

Gain a more complete picture

IBM Randori recently partnered with ESG to gain a more complete picture of the current state of Attack Surface Management. We surveyed 398 IT and security decision-makers to find out how they manage their attack surfaces, how they adapt their programs for evolving threats, and the biggest hurdles to effective attack surface management. Read the report >

Get the data sheet

Randori Recon Attack Surface Management provides a continuous view of your external perimeter to reduce the risks of shadow IT, misconfigurations, and process failures. Read more about functionalities in the data sheet >

Watch the video

Watch this video to learn how Randori can help you stay one step ahead of malicious hackers by seeing your business as they do, which can help drive down response times and mitigate the risks of costly data breaches. Watch the video >

Why SCC and IBM?

With an incredible 40-year partnership, SCC is the UK’s first IBM Platinum Business Partner. We collaborate to deliver next-level solutions, helping businesses amplify their operations with world-class tech, including top-notch storage, whilst prioritising optimum safety and security. For added peace of mind, our dedicated experts are always by your side when you need us most – even when faced with destructive cyber-attacks. This is what incredible tech solutions truly look like. Find out more »

Request a free attack surface review now

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