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Build resilient business operations and drive digital transformation

Marrying opportunity with innovation in today’s dynamic world is imperative.

Businesses are tasked with the need to constantly do more, driving forward-thinking organisations to find new ways to modernise work, automate to increase productivity, and scale the value of data. To help meet these challenges, IBM offers intelligent solutions designed to digitally transform your operations. Powered by AI and built on an open, hybrid cloud platform, these essential enterprise applications can automate resilient, intelligent workflows and deliver experiences that integrate everywhere – and securely run anywhere. 

No matter if you’re focus is on increasing employee engagement across your hyrid workforce, ensuring business continuity, or transforming business operations, our team of IBM Professional Service experts can support you to build a more resilient business. With AI-powered solutions from IBM for enterprise asset management, supply chain, and facilities operations, we can help you meet the unprecedented challenges your business faces, and drive efficiencies across the organisation: 

IBM Supply Chain Optimisation

Exceed customer expectations

Differentiate your brand and deliver what your customers need — when and where they need it — while preserving business continuity.

Enable supply chain visibility

Get real-time end-to-end intelligence, transparency, and actionable recommendations to reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours.

Simplify supplier management

Expedite, automate, and reduce the time, cost and risk associated with qualifying and managing new suppliers. Respond quickly to supplier issues, even in times of crisis.

Respond fast

Reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions as they occur, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity with the ability to evolve supply chain planning and processes.

Enterprise Asset Management

Control complex environments

Optimise asset performance, reduce costs, and avoid downtime with advanced analytics and AI that delivers greater insights into your asset health. Learn the best actions to take and when to take them to.

Streamline operations

Unify operations across silos and maintain business continuity, even under rapidly changing or disruptive conditions, with a single integrated platform that provides a comprehensive view of assets across the business.

Boost operational resilience

Take preventive, predictive and prescriptive actions to resolve issues before they happen, using insights from AI monitoring that help facilitate condition-based asset maintenance.

Real Estate and Facilities Management

Optimise space

Meet demand with AI-driven insights that support strategic space planning and facility utilisation.

Improve the occupant experience

Deliver a safer, more engaging environment with the right mix of space and workplace services.

Maximise operations

Improve maintenance efficiency and reduce operating costs for your entire business in a centralised location.

Manage capital projects

Advance the quality of capital, facility, and environmental projects to deliver on time and on budget.

Streamline lease administration

Manage and consolidate leases to right-size your space, reduce costs, and analyse financial impacts.

Drive reporting efficiency

Better inform your decisions with simple, intuitive, do-it-yourself reports powered by data that provides valuable insight.

Meet new demand and simplify the complex, with SCC and IBM 

Together with IBM, we’re here to help you manage your business operations complexity and transform your organisation with intelligence, insights, and expertise. Perhaps you’re in the automotive industry and looking to gain oversight across the vehicle engineering lifecycle. Or your business is in manufacturing, and your priority is providing a more intelligent way for operators to address asset maintenance and operations. Whichever industry you belong to, together with IBM we can support you to develop strategies and adapt to changing circumstances, while maximising operational efficiencies and better controlling costs. 

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