Public Policy Statement

Ethics and Business Conduct

As employees of SCC we are all identified, not only by the SCC brand, but by the way we behave. The SCC brand is more than just a name and a logo; it represents a high standard of behaviour that we should all follow by acting responsibly and respecting the laws, traditions and cultures of the countries in which we operate.

SCC is committed to the prevention of any violation of established Human Rights of any kind, particularly where child labour or undesirable forced acts are involved and complying with existing national, and / or local laws and regulations including, but not limited to, those relating to slavery, human trafficking, labour, immigration, health and safety and the environment.

To have such standards – and to live up to them – is something which applies to all of us at SCC, from the most junior employee in the most distant part of our business to the senior executives at its head.

One of SCCs core values is people, this means:

  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We bring value to others in every interaction
  • We create success through collaboration

We live by the following principles:

In relationship with others:

  • We will treat colleagues, stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the public respectfully and professionally taking account of confidential issues when appropriate.
  • We will deal courteously with those who hold opinions that differ from ours.
  • We will respect cultural and individual differences

In our work:

  • We will operate with honesty and integrity in all our work taking steps to identify corrupt practices and professional misconduct.
  • We will be open and transparent in making decisions and undertaking activities.
  • We will recognise appropriately the intellectual support and operational contribution of others.

SCC is also committed to ensuring, as far as practicable, that its suppliers value people too and by doing so, do not use slave labour or engage / support human trafficking. Suppliers are expected to fully comply with all applicable national and/or local laws and regulations and the requirements of SCC policy.

SCC expects high standards for individual and corporate behaviour to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers, employees, partners, vendors and the wider community in relation to business conducted on the company’s behalf.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

As a UK leading Technology Solutions Provider, SCC is committed to ensuring full compliance with the Bribery Act 2010. Our corporate conduct is based on our commitment to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity. SCC does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption.

SCC has a number of fundamental principles and values which we believe are the foundation of sound and fair business practice and as such are important to uphold. One such principle is a zero tolerance position in relation to bribery, wherever and in whatever form that may be encountered.

SCC does not engage in or tolerate bribery or any form of unethical inducement or payment. It is our policy to comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing bribery and corruption, in all the countries in which we operate. This policy is intended to build on our Ethics and Business Conduct Policy and the standards and principles required to ensure conformance to legal requirements within the countries in which we operate.

Equality and Diversity

SCC is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and promoting diversity in all aspects of employment, including the treatment of our customers, clients, suppliers and contractors. Discrimination because of a protected characteristic is unlawful and the Company adopts a zero tolerance approach to this type of behavior.

Diversity and equality is applied throughout all aspects of employment. SCC recognizes the importance of employing individuals based on their knowledge and skills and that different experiences and personalities can build innovation and diversity. Therefore all applicants and employees are treated in the same way, regardless of their marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, race, colour, ethnic or national origin or disability.

It is important to have the right people in positions, based on their knowledge, skills and attitude. To this end, job descriptions, person specifications and any selection process will only include necessary and justifiable requirements for effective role performance. Just as important is ensuring that equality is applied on a day to day basis and that employees are not working within an environment where they feel victimised or are treated unfairly.

Environmental and Sustainability

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted, in all aspects, according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards, in particular we will strive to:

  • Operate the business in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Provide high quality and sustainable products and services to our customers with integrity and care.
  • Provide our people with a safe and rewarding workplace.
  • Be good neighbours and make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.

Consequently we are committed to achieving key strategic objectives that will form the foundation of our success. These objectives are as follows:

  • To reduce our energy consumption in all key premises by analysing current consumption and introducing a long-term strategy for reduction.
  • To off-set the carbon emission of the SCC UK Services Data Centre’s.
  • To reduce carbon emissions from Road Vehicles to an average of 109g/kg by July 2018.
  • To reduce waste consumption within the office and non-office estate.
  • To reduce water consumption within the office and non-office estate.
  • To increase employee level of awareness around CSR related issues including environmental best practice, energy consumption, health and safety and sustainability.
  • To increase volume of ICT recycling within our R&D facility.
  • To decrease noise and air pollution within key engineering and warehouse premises.
  • To decrease paper consumption within the office and non-office estate.
  • To increase the amount of packaging that is recycled.
  • To increase the number of charity partners that focus on social and environmental needs relevant to a specific community.

These commitments will be demonstrated through the maintenance of suitable policies, practices and programs. Overall effectiveness will be monitored and evaluated annually by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

Health and Safety

We are committed, as far as is reasonably practicable, to protect the health, safety and welfare of our staff and that of our customers and partners who may be affected by our undertakings.

We recognize that continual improvement in our H&S performance will depend upon the maintenance of a positive health and safety culture, where our policy aims will be delivered through the continued involvement and commitment of Directors and Managers across all business levels and where effective communication and employee ownership and participation in health and safety related matters is encouraged.

SCC recognizes that all employees have a legal duty to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and for the health and safety of others that may be affected by their activities, acts or omissions.

All staff, working for SCC, will be required to follow relevant procedures, codes of practice and guidelines as detailed within the Group Health and Safety Policies / Manual, and report to management any matter likely to present a danger to health and safety. By ensuring compliance with this statement, SCC will endeavor to reduce the risks associated with our activities to as low as reasonably practicable thus preventing injury and ill health to all those affected by our activities.

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