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Advanced Network Connectivity

An innovative approach to network connectivity in a changing digital landscape

Connectivity is a vital part of our lives, both inside and outside of work – to the point where it’s considered an essential utility as important as water or electricity.

However, as the demands for high-quality and reliable connectivity continue to increase, the technology that supports those demands must evolve to keep pace.

With Advanced Network Connectivity in place, organisations have the technology required to maximise efficiency and productivity in a fast-changing business landscape. Ensuring that the most critical processes can be undertaken by users, wherever and whenever they’re working, from delivering positive patient outcomes in healthcare to giving retail customers the experiences they expect.

How Advanced Network Connectivity can support you

Maintaining optimal user experiences

Enabling business growth


Multi vendor network management

Maintaining competitiveness

Transitioning from legacy technology

Our approach to advanced network connectivity

At a time when businesses need seamless connectivity to data and applications in the cloud, and strong bandwidth to support voice and video-based collaboration, an improved approach is needed. Without it, many organisations might find themselves unable to serve customers, keep track of stock or even open for business.

Our Advanced Network Connectivity offering is designed to give you security, visibility and consistency of service across your entire network infrastructure, and for every user and application within your estate. We tailor our approach to the specific needs and use cases of your organisation, matching connectivity to the size and working requirements of your workforce. We can also help ensure that your internet connectivity extends to all the areas it needs to reach, across different buildings and sites, and with secure cloud connectivity for remote workers.

How can SCC help?


We provide network consulting services that help ensure that your approach to networking and your planned investment are fully aligned. Our experts take the time to sit down and listen to your unique business needs, ensuring we discover the right solutions that fit perfectly with your requirements.


Our aim is to ensure that you can move towards more advanced digitisation and hybrid multi-cloud that perfectly complements the goals of your organisation. These services can run parallel to our network health check, which can report on the current state of play within your network, and help you prioritise areas for focus and investment.


Our enterprise networking solutions deliver a networking architecture that is unified, intent-based and comprises the latest innovation from industry-leading vendors. To provide security, stability and scalability at a time of increasing complexity and sophistication in data centre demands.

We can also provide software-defined networking, wide area networking, unified communications, and network management and automation, depending on the demands of your business.


Our security-focused solutions can protect your data, systems and applications, making your network infrastructure a central part of your security estate to protect the interests of your business.


With a focus on ‘customer success’, we continue to work with you in the long term to ensure your network remains optimised and fully aligned with your business needs.


Our team constantly assesses and fine-tunes the network’s performance, making necessary changes or suggesting alternatives as required to ensure it consistently supports and enhances your business operations.

We achieve this through network support across a variety of vendors and service levels.

Our customers

Organisations who trust SCC with their network connectivity

Organisations just like yours are already taking full advantage of next-generation networking, supported by the experience and expertise of SCC.

“Having worked with SCC for such a long time, they understand the constraints of working with a major airport. They appreciate our stringent project management criteria and the way we need to work 24 hours a day. If I had to describe SCC in three words I would say professional, flexible and partnership.”

Wayne Smith
Director or IT and Information Security, Birmingham Airport

“We went from a point of having fragmented network visibility to full visibility. We can now see exactly what we need to address and are able to resolve issues more quickly than before. We can patch systems where we never previously could. We have improved our security posture, and we have been able to upgrade the firmware on the switches. This in turn reduces downtime and improves our overall network security.”

Paul Monaghan
Infrastructure Operations Manager, NCC

“Everything we do relies on IT, even more so now than it did in the past. We are spending £1 billion at Manchester Airport on processes and terminal facilities all of which have IT as a backbone. We worked with SCC to do both a top down and a bottom up assessment and we looked at every part of our IT infrastructure to make sure that it would be fit for the future.”

Tricia Williams
Chief Operating Officer, Manchester Airports Group

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