SCC and IBM: A partnership enabling greener, more profitable business together

While sustainability was previously a ‘nice to have’ addition to a business, it is now absolutely essential – and in many cases, a legal requirement. IBM’s Sustainability Software portfolio includes Envizi for ESG reporting and performance management.

While sustainability was previously a ‘nice to have’ addition to a business, it is now absolutely essential – and in many cases, a legal requirement. IBM’s Sustainability Software portfolio includes Envizi for ESG reporting and performance management. Building on our 40-year partnership with IBM, SCC and Envizi can help make sustainability a strategic business asset. Supporting you in planning a greener way forward that maintains your profitability and resilience, we work with the Envizi platform to provide solutions for automated collection, consolidation and data reporting to support major sustainability frameworks. Envizi Sustainability Solutions: making data and reporting easy to manage Through deep industry expertise, we can help our customers establish and then work towards their environmental goals. Through Envizi’s open, AI-powered solutions and platforms, we can streamline the management of sustainability tasks such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. These are delivered through customisable dashboards, which make it easy to analyse, manage, report, identify efficiencies and assess risk.

The Envizi solution portfolio comprises 9 modules across three different solutions: Emissions Management, ESG Reporting and Decarbonisation. Their scalable, modular approach maximises flexibility, and allows easy adjustment and expansion as and when required by our customers.

Track GHG emissions with confidence

Understanding where emissions are generated in a business, and where efficiencies can be found, is key to pursuing a long-term sustainable future. Envizi’s emissions management software can make accurate calculations of GHG emissions, incorporating factor management, so that you can quantify your progress and streamline your reporting. This helps simplify audit processes, reduce risk and simplify data capture.

A fast, cost effective path to decarbonisation

Envizi solutions can unlock the all-important insights that can inform the most efficient, speedy and cost-effective ways of achieving decarbonisation goals. These insights, sourced from intelligent assets, facilities and infrastructure, can drive clean energy transitions, efficient waste management, and more sustainable supply chains and workflows. That way, you can make meaningful carbon reductions in every part of your operations.

ESG reporting that informs your decisions

With the help of Envizi technology, building a data foundation and integrated system of record becomes easy, ideal for delivering ESG and sustainability that is both valuable and auditable. Streamlined reporting simplifies the task of meeting internal and external requirements; supports reporting disclosure questions; and generates insights for implementing, measuring and achieving your sustainability roadmap.

Find out more about ESG by watching the recent “ESG – What is it?” Brunch and Learn recording by Georgina Macrae, Envizi Partner Technical Specialist

Smarter sustainability, powered by artificial intelligence By combining Envizi with IBM’s AI-powered solutions, the feedback generated between corporate environmental initiatives and day-to-day operational endpoints can be automated. This makes it far easier to scale sustainability efforts across an organisation efficiently. The use of this feedback is a key part of the strategy and roadmap we can help you create, so that you generate meaningful business value and corporate social impact. Greener business made simple Thanks to SCC’s wider partnership with Envizi and IBM, you can take full advantage of opportunities to maximise profitability, cut costs and easily innovate. We can:

  • Deliver auditable, financial-grade data on sustainability status
  • Provide flexible reporting tools that meet ESG requirements
  • Engage and empower stakeholders with relevant insights
  • Put sustainability at the core of day-to-day business operations

Learn more about Envizi Take a more detailed look at Envizi solutions, and how our partnership can help you achieve your long-term sustainability aspirations, in this datasheet.

Click here to download the Envizi datasheet

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