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Build trust and boost your bottom line with IBM blockchain

Blockchain for business is becoming increasingly more valuable for entities transacting with one another, delivering business benefits such as cost savings, speed, efficiency, and automation.

All of which are crucial, in order to sustain a competitive edge and drive next-level growth. This “trustless” network is built on blockchain’s enhanced security, greater transparency, and instant traceability. By greatly reducing paperwork and risk of error, blockchain significantly cuts transaction and overhead costs, and reduces or removes the need for middlemen to verify transactions. 

Through our experience at SCC we know adopting blockchain isn’t always easy. But we also believe that technology shouldn’t stand in your way. Using our unsurpassed IBM expertise, we can help your business drive greater operational agility and create new revenue streams far beyond your organisation boundaries, with IBM blockchain solutions that enable trusted data exchange. Our Professional Service team can advance your journey into a new era of collaboration and innovation, with distributed ledger technology and blockchain solutions from IBM.

We can help you

Prepare for your multi-cloud world

Build, operate, govern, and grow blockchain solutions across any computing environment through Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Increase operational agility

Optimise multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerate speed to market as well as performance across your value chain.

Support digital identity and credentials

Provide verifiable credentials and allow an individual to manage and control their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their personal device.

Trade at speed

Trade all kinds of assets with more liquidity and speed at lower cost, by creating a unique digital representation of an asset as a token beyond traditional financial instruments.

Better manage digital assets

Manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets in any form on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs specifically designed for digital assets.

Strengthen risk mitigation

Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, and automate reconciliation tasks while minimising disputes.

Create new revenue streams

Increase brand trust and sales with product authenticity, and open new marketplaces with asset tokenisation.

Leverage The Most Advanced Blockchain Technology

Greater trust leads to greater efficiency by eliminating duplication of effort. On this basis, visionary companies are transforming their businesses around the world with IBM Blockchain.

Advance your blockchain journey with SCC and IBM

Is your focus on joining an existing network, or build your own blockchain solution? Perhaps you’re simply looking to learn how to use the world’s most advanced blockchain ecosystem. Whatever your goals, whichever industry you’re in, together with IBM we can help you discover new opportunities – wherever you are in your blockchain journey. By introducing you to IBM’s blockchain technology, we can help your organisation become a visionary business that produces new value, re-write the rules of your industry, and change the way toy business works. 

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