IBM Blueworks Live & Business Automation Workflow: Fine-Tuning Productivity

If we think of businesses like animals, we find they often operate instinctively – rather than trying to truly understand how things work. But, there’s a viable solution. IBM and SCC have partnered to unify IBM Business Automation Workflow and IBM Blueworks Live, two powerful workflow systems that allow organisations to see the bigger picture. By automating mundane tasks and zooming in on bottlenecks, these data-driven tools calibrate every process – quickly and effectively. The result is increased productivity and efficiency at every level.

Introducing IBM Blueworks Live

Using Data To Streamline Business Processes

Managing both people and processes is all part and parcel of a successful business. But are they all working optimally to maximise business success? IBM Blueworks Live uses AI-generated data to map an extremely precise model of your business processes, also known as process mining. It is a lightweight, low-cost solution that pays dividends in its efficiency. Process mining is essentially a lifelike representation of what’s going on end-to-end. Organisations can zoom in, or out, as much as they like, and figure out if a business process is working, or if there’s room for improvement.

Benefits and Features

  • Precise Visualisation

Blueworks Live visualises even the most complex procedures in a simple way. Perfect for keeping stakeholders engaged at every stage.

  • Understanding the “Why” Behind Every Process

Not only does Blueworks Live discover the different routes of your process, but also why the process is following a particular route.

  • “What-If” Scenarios

You can use Blueworks Live to easily simulate “what-if” scenarios of the to-be process. Make it easy to estimate the expected ROI for every initiative.

  • Monitoring Workflows in Real Time

The Process Playback feature allows you to accelerate the scale at which you automate processes by seeing the impact of every solution in real time.

Introducing IBM Business Automation Workflow

Get the best out of IBM Blueworks Live by combining with IBM Business Automation Workflow, a tool for seamlessly creating and automating digital workflows. Benefits and Features

  • Low Start-Up Costs

Thanks to IBM’s subscription-based service, start small and gradually scale up from the initial project to an impressive business-wide program.

  • Public Cloud Access

Connect from the public cloud or from mobile devices. Alternatively, you can use a separate VPN to connect.

  • Improved Decision Making

Improve communication between different teams using built-in visibility and dynamic analytics.

  • Optimised Customer Service

Resolve transactional cases quickly and effectively by granting workflow participants access to the system and analytics.

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