An emerging generation of employees expects greater simplicity and flexibility, working from anywhere at any time.

The workplace has changed radically during the past five years and continues to evolve at an increasing pace as technology advances. This includes the new technologies people use in their personal and professional lives, ranging from traditional email and instant messaging to intranets, enterprise social media tools and sophisticated portals. All these changes are further enhanced by the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Your Challenges

Do you have the need for speed?

Do you want to attract the latest talent?

Are you utilising the latest cutting edge communication tools?

Our Solutions

Allow us to do the hard work for you.


How we do things



We conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace and then plan the actions needed to help you embark on a digital transformation.



We provide you with the option to have three distinct services; high level design, low level design, transformation plan or a combination of all three.



Our internal Supply service delivers a complete end-to-end Workplace Productivity solution facilitating product procurement, configuration, logistics, recycling and disposals.



A suite of services to deploy, migrate and integrate the technology components of your workplace productivity strategy.



Our team of more than 800 engineers deliver up to a 24/7 four-hour fix support service. These include multilingual options around offshore, nearshore or UK-only based service teams.



Optimisation of the workplace is about maximising the user experience. To do this, optimisation of the all aspects of IT can be analysed to identify areas for continuous improvement.

Why SCC?


Evolve from a device-centric strategy to one that focuses more on the user, data and applications.

Collaborative Working

Regardless of where you are on your transformation journey, we can support you. Our consultancy services provide visibility into your environment, helping to shape your workplace strategy.

Reduce Risk

Focus on users and ensuring they can access their applications and data with fewer interruptions is the key aim in maximising productivity and end user experience.

Keep pace with technology

As the technology market develops rapidly, it is difficult to keep pace with the latest innovations and solutions. The answer is outsourcing to companies that have the resources, expertise and desire to continuously update their technological solutions.

The Big Picture

Our services are designed to define and plan your transformation journey.


Our strong global partnerships underpin our drive for technological excellence, helping to improve our customers’ network infrastructure.
When it comes to technology, there’s no one-size-fits-all; we implement bespoke solutions to suit our customers.


« BAE Systems needed a cost-effective IT recycling solution to dispose of or reuse IT equipment and associated materials. SCC and CSC worked together to create an innovative approach to BAE Systems’ recycling needs. »

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