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We deliver business outcomes based on transforming an organisation’s IT landscape

Our professional services team of technical consultants, project and programme managers deliver business outcomes based on transforming an organisation’s IT landscape.

This involves transitioning and transforming IT estates to provide a managed service for transformation programmes around end user computing, enterprise platforms, networking and security. We deliver projects based around our vendor partners’ technology stacks to help customers not just keep the lights on but move seamlessly through the complexities of their digital transformations.

We bring all the diverse elements of an organisation closer together by putting everything under the microscope. We then design and implement solutions that bring to life a customer’s operational and commercial vision, bridging the gap between new and legacy technology.

SCC has a broad and detailed technical expertise that is capable of providing the right combination of skills to suit our customers’ IT estates. We want them to have the best technology solution, from current resource allocation to future scalability, so they are fully confident with every stage of the design and transformation.

Our customers

Trusted to deliver IT solutions across Europe

Enabling remote working at speed

During the COVID-19 pandemic the biggest challenge for customers has been to ensure staff can continue to work remotely and post lockdown help to get a number of workers back into the office, while working closely with their remote colleagues. SCC has had to get the balance right and help with the rising demand in networking, ensuring networks support the volume of homeworkers and – crucially – that they’re secure.

Innovating local councils by utilising data

SCC’s work on smart cities can help organisations to understand everyday objects through connecting, interacting and exchanging data.

Predictive elements in AI help cities analyse infrastructure issues and fix problems before they grow larger. Modern systems can track water pressure and alert workers to fix pipes before they burst or drains or before they’re blocked.

Flooding caused by blocked drains costs the UK billions of pounds per year, but by using IoT sensor technologies and real-time weather data, flooding can be predicted and preventative measures taken.

SCC help Scottish Distillery with proximity detection

An example of how our customer innovation and engagement process works is when a Scottish distillery wanted to understand how we could help them continue production during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using an asset tracking solution, we could track pallets, barrels, boxes, crates and employees to help them with their concerns with proximity detection.

The successful outcome was that they were able to operate during the difficult times and give their employees more confidence in the safety of the workplace. Along with health and safety, this also helped with the company’s overall productivity.

Ensuring business continuity and safety

SCC put a strong programme management team into a retail bank transformation project. By bringing in the right team and having that control, we delivered an outstanding project and programme for the customer during the hugely complex transformation and separation from the larger group.

If we hadn’t had that strong programme and project management governance, it just wouldn’t have happened. This was recognised through excellent customer feedback.

Our approach 


Project Governance

Behind every successful transformation programme is effective project governance. SCC’s Project and Programmes team provides governance leadership to ensure complex IT transformation projects deliver the outcomes customers expect.

SCC’s Projects and Programmes team applies its expertise and governance know-how to ensure there’s a tight, overall control of complex transformation projects. This includes owning the budget, communications, strategic plan and ensuring the work is delivered on schedule.

To ensure successful outcomes, SCC has project management scale, depending on the size of the project and its monetary value. We provide a project coordinator, project or programme manager depending on the project requirements and our experts provide a host of services from on-site hand holding to back office governance.


IT Project Delivery

SCC supports customers across their entire IT estate offering a full range of professional services – from specific technical issues through to strategic planning.

SCC is proud to have extremely experienced resources within the team working across large scale transformations as well as smaller, bespoke implementations. It’s our experience of operating with a number of different organisations, scope and size of delivery that is critical to achieving successful outcomes for our customers.



Our pre-sales team manages the vision and expectations of a customer’s many stakeholders who are the key decision makers on the project. Our primary task is to work closely with the customers and understand the fundamental details of the project before the contract is signed.

Our team of experienced professionals work closely with customers to help them understand the directions they might take, looking at the project from a wider strategic perspective. This often helps stakeholders in organisations broaden their horizons and get a better result for their business.



As technology changes and develops, SCC is at the forefront of these developments. Working with customers to turn collective ideas into reality, with innovations in technologies from Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things and Blockchain. We are dedicated to innovation – helping customers visualise and implement new ideas as part of their day-to-day operations and business goals.

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