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Creating better employee experiences in a new world of work

There has been a huge shift in the last few years in how, when and where people work, with the hybrid and flexible models adopted during the pandemic now a long-term reality. As of 2023, 58% of employers now provide remote working options to all staff who are practically able to do so. This has given employees the choice of working from the location where they’re happiest and most productive, whether that be at home, or from offices that are now considerably quieter than they used to be.

The importance of productivity can’t be overstated. More than 30% of employees say that they waste at least one hour a day of working time, while the average employee is interrupted from their work 56 times per day. And while two-thirds of employees say they get more work done at home than when they’re in the office, every worker is different, so it’s vital to make sure that productivity is optimised in every working location.

The biggest barriers to productivity

Sub-optimal working environments

The office experience has declined for many employees as hybrid working has become more commonplace, for two reasons. The first is that many employers have taken the opportunity to cut back on physical office space as a result, which has compromised the environment for office-based workers. The second is that many offices lack adaptations for flexible working, such as the technology that employees need to seamlessly move from one working location to another

Disengaged employees

When employees are unhappy with their working environment and experiences, their wellbeing, productivity and motivation all suffer. This negativity can quickly spread throughout a workforce, leading to underperformance, greater absenteeism through stress and burnout, poorer talent retention and acquisition, and greater recruitment and training costs

Lack of data and insights

When businesses don’t have hard evidence of employee satisfaction and performance, they can’t make the right changes to working environments to improve things. Similarly, employees tend to perform more strongly when they have defined targets to aim for, and those targets can’t be created without performance feedback, self-reflection and alignment with business objectives

SCC, enabling productivity anywhere


Persona profiling

We can provide a combination of assessment, benchmarking, creation and management allows experiences and access to be tailored to individual employee needs, further improving security in the process


Applications portfolio & access

We deliver secure and consistent access to all relevant applications and data, along with rationalisation of the app estate to align it with business and employee requirements



We can ensure every employee and persona has the right hardware profile, across device assessment, configuration, set-up, and access to virtual or cloud desktops as required. This ranges from mobile devices for flexible working, to specialised hardware that supports greater accessibility



We provide extra support services for a distributed workforce, including an end-user service desk, monitoring, management and training, that enables quick issue resolution for every employee, wherever they’re working


Data availability & protection

We can assist with compliance maintenance, governance and data security across all applications and users, including back-up and restore capabilities, archiving, and disaster recovery


Reporting, analytics and insights

With our help, you can identify areas for improvement and efficiency through AI-powered analytics, roadmapping, regular reviews, and dashboarding of platform performance and system healthar reviews, and dashboarding of platform performance and system health

Transforming your work experience with SCC

Revolutionising your productivity can make a fundamental difference to how your organisation operates. With the right solutions and strategies in place, you can benefit from improvements in:


Having the tech that enables productive work for anyone, any time, anywhere


Keeping data and applications safe, no matter how and where they’re accessed


Ensuring everyone is fully operational 24/7 through a support desk and help in specific areas


Bringing hardware and software together to make a workforce even more dynamic

This is exactly where SCC is perfectly placed to help. Productivity forms one part of our wider Digital Workplace solution, where we can tailor your IT infrastructure to the needs of modern business and the new world of work. The Digital Workplace also encompasses Identity & Access Management, Content & Collaboration, Digital Document Solutions, Modern Endpoint Management, and Digital Employee Experience Management. Collectively, it means we can identify your challenges, put the right solutions in place, and adapt them to the changing needs of your workforce and business.

SCC is a people-based business that knows how to connect you with the right solutions, taking your workforce, business goals, and sustainability and CSR demands into account. Whatever the current state of your technological maturity, we can help you take your working experience to the next level. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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