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Versatile connectivity for every environment 

Handheld devices play an increasingly pivotal role in many different business functions, some of which are in environments where they’re vulnerable to challenging conditions. From dirt and dust to temperature and humidity, rugged devices enable connectivity and productivity in every situation, especially when equipped with the right software and solutions. It’s for this reason that Bullitt Group and SCC have come together, to deliver maximum functionality on award-winning, innovative rugged devices. 

SCC works with some of the biggest and most important organisations in the UK, across both the private and public sectors. We’re proud to partner with them and ensure that they can maximise connectivity and flexibility wherever their employees operate, and continue to operate efficiently in a constantly changing world.

Aman Taylor,

UK Sales Manager, Bullitt Group

Functionality you can rely on anywhere. 

We understand the importance of robust, reliable and versatile technology for so many of our customers. However, we also know that the need for durability cannot come at the expense of functionality, connectivity and productivity, and this is where our partnership with Bullitt Group delivers the best of both worlds. Together, we provide unbreakable connections through Bullitt’s Satellite messenger service, on hardware that can withstand even the most extreme working conditions. 

Durability everywhere 

The devices that Bullitt Group creates are specifically designed to withstand all types of conditions, no matter the extreme: heat, cold, humidity, heavy rain and snow, sand, dust, dirt and much more. Devices such as the CAT S75 are built to exceed military-grade standards, helping colleagues stay connected even in the least hospitable environments. 

Universal satellite connectivity 

Bullitt’s Satellite Messenger application means that your workforce can maintain constant connectivity all the time, wherever they’re operating. This is enabled through hardware such as the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, a compact, lightweight accessory which allows any Android or iOS device to be integrated with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger platform. 

Extending device lifespan and sustainability 

Bullitt Group’s devices are engineered to have a significantly longer lifespan compared to standard devices, so deploying them across your workforce can bolster your sustainability initiatives by minimising device turnover. For example, CAT’s phones are built to last for as long as four years: more than30 % longer than many mainstream brands.  

Additionally, Motorola’s rugged range features packaging that is free of plastic and consists entirely of recycled materials, as well as delivering a 30% longer lifespan compared to regular devices. 

At a time when consumers want to deal with businesses that are environmentally aware, rugged devices can help bolster your sustainability credentials. 

Solve your biggest business challenges 

At a time when always-on connectivity has become a basic business expectation, Bullitt Group’s technology in partnership with SCC can help address some key challenges facing your organisation: 

  1. Total connectivity: Bullitt Group technology ensures that workers can collaborate with colleagues and partners, even in places of poor mobile coverage like rural areas or inside buildings 
  1. Sustainability: the ability to use devices for longer supports sustainability efforts, and encourages staff to give further consideration to the environmental impact of their work 
  1. Service speed and reliability: dependable, fast internet access is vital in many different sectors, including eCommerce, logistics, smart warehouses and more. Devices like the Cat Q10 deliver this performance by allowing multiple devices to connect to 5G-level service quality for maximum productivity 
  1. Damaged hardware:  Choose a phone that won’t let you down. Ever.  Reliable, rugged and ready for anything the Cat phones range shrug off whatever life throws at them, they don’t just meet the highest military-grade standards, they exceed them. 

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