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SCC’s Hyperscale Team provide on-demand cloud solutions to help you scale, streamline and succeed

You want to benefit from the public cloud right away, not waste time tinkering with templated solutions that don’t quite meet your needs.

We combine our expertise with your business knowledge to ensure you get the best from your public cloud investment. Before we get our hands dirty, we get to know your organisation, your goals and your existing technology and work alongside you to develop a unique business case. This understanding and partnership-based approach enables us to design the ideal environment for your business, deliver a smoother, faster migration and provide ongoing support as your technology needs evolve.

Put simply; we deliver the solutions and skills so you can focus on innovating, capturing new opportunities and driving your business forward.

Take a look at how SCC can support you on your Cloud journey

Our Approach

Transitioning to the public cloud or scaling your environment is no small task. You want to make sure you are getting the very best from your investment and, ultimately, achieve your business goals with it.

By getting to know your business, including what it does, how it works and its ambitions, we develop a strong foundation from which to plan your cloud journey.

A large part of the Discover phase involves setting technical discussion aside and focusing on the ‘what ifs’. In our experience, tying plans to specific technologies too soon can introduce limitations and other issues later on, which is why we look to identify your business challenges and opportunities first.

Getting to know your business also means we can cater for the intricacies of your organisation or industry that others might overlook or dismiss. We concentrate on the small things like office hours, when stock deliveries take place, sales periods and busy seasons so we can adapt our approach to avoid disruption and maximise impact.

During the Discover phase, we’ll discuss with you:

  • Your business, its operations and ambitions
  • Existing challenges or opportunities you have identified
  • Your current technology, how it’s used and how effective it is
  • Issues with your current tools and processes
  • Other desired technology enhancements

Whether you’re operating on-premises or have some or all of your workloads in the cloud, we will assess your current environment in order to help determine the most effective and cost-efficient path forward.

Planning a cloud migration?

If you’re largely operating on-premises and preparing to move to the cloud, our Cloud Readiness Assessment is the ideal first step. We work with you to understand why you want to migrate and create a clear business case to justify that requirement.

Our full infrastructure and application assessment includes:

Infrastructure scan. We scan your existing infrastructure to determine how it’s used and how effective it is, as well as determine current security levels and identify vulnerabilities. learn more

Application mapping. Identifying and mapping interactions and relationships between applications and your infrastructure, giving clear visibility and an understanding of application health ahead of migration. learn more

Pricing comparisons. Cost modelling scenarios to remove any surprises when moving to the cloud, comparing the cost between the various cloud providers and hybrid options to find the best solution for your business. learn more

Social discovery. We gather crucial information from your teams, getting to know their thoughts and concerns regarding public cloud adoption in order to pinpoint areas of focus for your migration. learn more

Migration recommendations. We explore multiple migration strategies with you based on the “6 Rs” – rehosting, re-platforming, repurchasing, refactoring, retiring or retaining. learn more

Already have workloads in the cloud?

Our Cloud Health Check will tell you all you need to know about your existing environment, looking at the technology in use as well as the people and processes involved. We base our recommendations on cloud architecture best practice to show you how you can better leverage the cloud to benefit your business.

Our assessment of your existing estate includes:

Cost review. We look at how much your current environment is costing you and how you can adapt consumption or right-size your deployment to reduce your ongoing spend. We also compare prices across major cloud providers and ensure you’re making the most of available incentives and discount programmes, as well as identifying unused services that could be decommissioned. learn more

Security compliance assessment. We identify how well equipped your business is to meet the requirements of crucial regulations like the GDPR, identifying gaps in coverage and potential weaknesses based on best practice recommendations. learn more

Performance & availability assessment. We test the performance and availability of your cloud infrastructure and applications and suggest ways to improve their operation. learn more

Well architected review. Measuring your estate against the latest architectural best practices for cloud infrastructure, we identify the optimal solution for your business across security, performance and resilience. learn more

A simplified, cost-effective, cloud-agnostic approach

We believe in meeting your business needs using the right technology, not simply recommending our preferred solutions and platforms. By taking a cloud-independent approach, we can select the solutions that support your business goals and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Once we’ve discussed how you want to use the cloud and have assessed your current environment, the next step is to plan and design the smoothest possible migration path.

Our team of experts carry out design workshops to ensure your migration meets your technical and business needs. Your Technical Account Manager will also be on hand to drive the process forward and prioritise your key requirements.

Following these workshops, we will deliver our high-level design, complete with iterative pricing and bring in experienced project and programme managers to create a full migration plan tailored to your business.

Expertise at every step:

Our cloud-specific architects have a minimum of two years of real-world experience with your chosen platform, so they can provide deep knowledge of its features and associated services.

Our expert cloud economists understand the many discount programmes, incentives and other cost-saving options available from the three leading cloud vendors to ensure your solution is as cost-effective as possible.

Our experienced marketplace negotiators work on your behalf to secure the best private offers on software to reduce your ongoing costs in the cloud.

When it’s time to put your chosen cloud strategy into action, we will help you migrate smoothly and at speed, with your workloads arriving in the cloud in a structured, secure and sustainable state.

Having carried out a cloud readiness assessment or cloud health check on your current environment, we leverage the plans and reports created and work with application owners to determine the best approach, including which workloads to migrate, how to migrate them and when. Taking into consideration our understanding of your business and its needs, our technical architects and project and programme managers follow a comprehensive migration plan that ensures minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

With quality a key part of our company’s mission, we carry out robust quality checks as we progress, providing end-to-end migration services that include dynamically rearchitecting and redeploying each workload to improve performance and scalability.

Specialist oversight with Hypercare

As with all significant and critical projects we undertake for our customers, our Hypercare transition period ensures dedicated experts are available to support you throughout the crucial stages of your migration. Consultants and other professionals are made ready and proactively engage with your migration, tracking the progress and identifying and rectifying potential issues before they become a problem. We provide Event Hypercare for a range of situations beyond migration, too, ensuring your infrastructure is stable, secure and scalable during spikes in demand such as sales events or new product launches.

You’ve made it to the cloud. Now the real work begins. SCC Hyperscale provides a managed service to keep your cloud environment running and your costs under control.

Our managed service is far from a reactive solution. While you’re free to access 24/7 support from our cloud engineers who will manage infrastructure related incidents through to resolution, we also work to pre-empt issues by monitoring your environment. This enables us to proactively report any best practice changes your environment requires and highlight ways in which it can operate more efficiently or cost-effectively. Ultimately, it means you can get on with running your business and leave the infrastructure to us.

Customers using our managed service also have access to Event Hypercare, our short-term dedicated support service that provides cloud experts to help manage demand peaks brought about by company-driven initiatives like promotions, product launches and seasonal sales. Our specialist architects run an assessment on your cloud infrastructure before your event and highlight any changes or optimisations required to ensure the environment can cope with the additional demand.

Simplify your cloud estate

As you use more workloads in the cloud and access different services, the management of your estate and its tools becomes increasingly complex. Regardless of the platforms or cloud provider you use, we bring together best in class tooling and presents it in a single pane of glass view that enables your teams and ours to monitor and manage your cloud-based infrastructure services in a single online location. The portal provides secure single sign-on credentials to access a comprehensive cloud management platform, public cloud consoles and remote servers.

The same is possible with your cloud billing and support. Our public cloud billing service and vendor support packages provide consolidated invoicing across your cloud vendor accounts and enable you to raise tickets with cloud vendors without purchasing a support package from them.

Leave the infrastructure to us:

  • 24/7 support from cloud engineers.Access to PAYG OnDemand change service.
  • Proactive account management, with monthly cloud optimisation reviews.
  • Event Hypercare short-term dedicated support service for high demand periods.

We don’t believe in ‘set it and forget it’. We want to make your cloud experience the best it can possibly be on an ongoing basis.

SCC’s Hyperscale team deliver continual optimisation following your migration to the cloud. We constantly, proactively look at ways to enhance the security, efficiency and cost of your environment and let you know the steps you can take to improve it.

We use our knowledge of the ever-shifting public cloud to help you stay ahead of the game, recommending new features that will benefit your business and adjustments to your estate or consumption that can help to reduce costs and boost performance.

We look ahead, making sure your business is equipped for any changes on the horizon and let you know about potential limitations within your environment before they turn into problems.

We make sure your cloud experience is always improving through:

  • Daily best practice scans
  • Monthly cadence
  • Proactive monthly and quarterly service reviews
  • Annual architecture review

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