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Maintain easy, fast, secure access for your critical data and applications with on prem solutions from SCC.

Tailored IT environments are crucial for every organisation. From on prem to private cloud and multiple public clouds, each setup has evolved uniquely over the years. It’s common for businesses to have a combination of these, hence the need for a smooth-operating hybrid cloud environment.

While many strive to deliver their cloud first strategy, on prem infrastructure remains essential to unify experiences, deliver value from IT strategies and enable modernisation. That’s why any digital transformation and cloud modernisation strategies should take on prem into account, and this is where the expertise of the right cloud provider can be vital.

Business challenges

Data security and compliance

There are some industries and use cases where data is subject to strict compliance and security demands. Furthermore, these demands can vary substantially from one country to another. In these situations, the public cloud is not suitable for governing data security, access and control, as well as where it’s stored at any given time. On prem delivers an alternative for security-conscious businesses and industries hesitant to adopt the cloud.

Performance and latency

If applications or workloads need high-performance computing and/or low latency, with a private or public cloud there is a risk of not always delivering this level of service. This is because resources may not be dedicated to the workloads in question, and data may be geographically located too far away; on prem solves these issues of location and latency.

Workload efficiency

Workloads that involve heavy-duty data processing, large amounts of data transfers, or the need for specialist hardware configurations can be difficult to manage in public cloud. On prem is often the best or even only viable solution for heavy-duty workloads.

Legacy systems and integrations

Older systems and needlessly complex IT infrastructures can not only hold a business back, but can make it extremely difficult to migrate data, systems and applications into the public cloud. In some cases, these legacy systems are only compatible with on prem infrastructures.

Why on prem cloud?

Around half of all business data worldwide is now hosted and managed in the cloud, and that proportion is growing all the time. However, employing public cloud as a sole solution is not the only choice. For many use cases, on prem cloud solutions should be considered as complementary to an organisation’s wider cloud first strategy, effectively tackling security concerns and enabling convenient and cost-effective data storage and processing. On prem computing enables physical data access, allowing IT staff to retain more control over the server hardware, data configuration, security and management. This means internal teams have access to data and important information, and no third party can access it remotely.

Keep Total Cost of Ownership low

With on prem solutions you can avoid the need to pay for user licences multiple times in a cloud-based system and support with the avoidance of egress charges.

Maintain control

With full oversight of your data, hardware and software, you can retain control over the nature and timing of configurations and upgrades.

Maximise uptime

With no reliance on internet connectivity or external platforms means that the risk of disruption and downtime is reduced.

The SCC approach to on prem cloud

When you partner with SCC, you work with an expert provider of on prem cloud infrastructures. We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that perfectly complement business needs, and integrate seamlessly with your public cloud strategy thanks to our long-standing relationships with leading technology providers such as HPE, Dell, NetApp, Pure Storage and Lenovo.

We apply our tried-and-tested six-stage approach to establish, deploy and maintain an on prem cloud infrastructure that’s ideal for your needs:

Discovery & Design

We work to understand your IT estate, network readiness and business priorities, and design a solution with those key considerations in mind.

Supply & Implementation

We combine on prem infrastructure with any public or private cloud environments you need for other business functions. The pace of migration is entirely up to you, and we ensure that business disruption is minimised throughout.

Management & Optimisation

We continue our partnership with you in the long-term, so that your infrastructure is managed and protected, and with governance, security and compliance optimised for the best possible business outcomes.


What is on prem cloud and how is it used?

On prem cloud is a technology stack, which can vary according to your needs, installed in your data centre and managed by an OEM, and/or a service provider. It is generally metered, managed, monitored and delivered aaS, allowing you to consume in much the same way as public cloud.

On prem vs Cloud – what’s the difference?

There is very little difference in the service however, there are many reasons why having choice is important. Not all workloads and applications suit a one-size fits all approach. Considerations need to be made for influences such as data dovereignty, security, latency, performance and cost are just a few. A “hybrid” approach helps to address these challenges.

Advantages/key features of on prem vs cloud

This is workload/application dependent. Some are better suited to public-cloud, some on prem. Amongst the most common reasons for choosing on prem cloud, are
1) Avoidance of excessive public cloud egress charges
2) Security (knowing where your data resides)
3) Latency/performance.

Is on prem cloud more cost efficient?

If a workload is not “cloud-native” or heavily customised, then we often find that an on prem cloud derives commercial benefit.

Is on prem more secure than cloud?

Both are very secure, all cloud service offerings need to be updated and managed carefully to mitigate the risk of a security breach.

Is on prem cloud sustainable?

When compared to the more traditional way in which technology is procured (CAPEX) then the answer is “yes”. CAPEX means that you over-provision for anticipated growth over a fixed period. Cloud services allow you to consume technology more efficiently.

How to implement an on prem cloud solution

Aside from power and cooling, we typically project manage the implementation, configuration and integration of an on prem cloud service.

What types of organisations are suited to on prem cloud solutions?

If you have a data centre, then an on prem cloud can be considered. If not, the cloud service can be hosted by a service provider.

What are the costs of implementation and migration to on prem?

Costs vary depending on the workload and application. An interesting cost consideration here is “Application Remediation and Modernisation”. Often, an on prem destination can be more customised to help reduce the amount of remediation and modernisation required to enable a more cost effective transition to the new service.

What investments are required to make the move?

On prem cloud is delivered as much in the same way as public cloud. Investments vary depending on the size and scale of the workload/application.

What about security, backup and disaster recovery?

All of these can be delivered on prem as well as public cloud.

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