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Hybrid cloud infrastructure fit for the new world of work

Business today is about continual change and transformation, and nowhere is that more true than in IT.

Digital transformation spending is due to reach $3.4 trillion by 2026, and organisations that fail will be quickly left behind.

To meet this challenge and deliver exceptional user experience, meet long term business goals and respond to an increasingly challenging world, IT infrastructures need to scale fast and be flexible whilst controlling cost and providing predictability. The Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, delivered in partnership with SCC and Intel can provide a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Customer challenges and how SCC support

Outdated systems

Legacy systems and infrastructures prevent businesses from adopting the latest innovations and processes. To emphasise the point, Gartner has found that 61% of businesses say technology can be a source of competitive advantage.

SCC can help organisations overcome technical debt challenges in a variety of ways, from simple assessment services all the way through to hosting and outsourcing. By using Azure Stack deployed with SCC powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, customers can rapidly overcome technical debt issues show quick returns and leverage existing investments.

Skill and expertise shortages

Back in 2020, a lack of in-house talent was only a barrier to the adoption of 4% of emerging technologies. Today that gap is 64%, and much of the problem is down to the sheer volume of data and applications involved in modern business, and the confusion and duplication that this can generate.

The challenges of retaining and redeploying staff is something SCC has experience of itself. By creating flexible and operationally seamless environments in which users can get access to the data they need fast, IT can be a major enabler. Likewise using existing skills and staff more effectively is often a case of “right workload, right platform” and with SCC and Azure Stack together, we can help organisations of all kinds improve working environments, control costs and plan for the future.


The increasing use of cloud applications, IoT devices and big data means that the attack surface of businesses is increasing all the time, leaving organisations vulnerable to threats that are more dangerous and sophisticated than ever.

SCC’s Security practice has long experience helping customers manage external threats and by working closely with Microsoft and leveraging Azure Stack. SCC can unlock hyper-scale security for local datacentres, and provide a simple, consistent interface no matter where the workload is hosted – on premise, in SCC’s datacentre or in public clouds.

Dependable infrastructure, the Azure way

One of the most compelling answers to these challenges is Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. It’s a hyperconverged infrastructure cluster solution that brings together virtualised workloads from Windows and Linux, as well as their related storage, in a hybrid cloud environment combining Azure cloud services and on-premise infrastructure.

You’ll be able to use all the software-defined storage, network and compute features of Azure, along with traditional vendor hardware and tooling. This means teams don’t need to learn new skills or undo long term investment plans to take advantage of the technology. 

Modernise your IT estate

The blend of the HPE, Dell and Lenovo technology with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI gives you a hyperconverged infrastructure that’s fully validated and supported. That way you can tailor performance and capacity to your needs with Intel’s broad portfolio of compute, networking, memory and storage while simultaneously lowering your total cost of ownership. You’ll also be able to:

Extend your business with hybrid cloud

Manage and monitor hosts, virtual machines, Azure resources, clusters, extensions, policies and more from a single integrated portal.

Meet regulatory and connectivity needs

Consolidate your workloads and make them more efficient, even if data has to remain on-premise for legal or security purposes.

Simplify management

Management tools and Windows Admin Centre help to optimise your infrastructure. Use Windows PowerShell to automate repeatable management tasks.

The support you need for the right deployment

When you partner with SCC and Intel for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, you get expert insight and guidance for your deployment every step of the way. We can make sure you get the ideal set-up for your specific needs, with minimal business disruption in the process, across three key areas:


We work closely with your IT team and other key stakeholders to understand your business objectives, and draw up a roadmap that details how Azure Stack HCI can help you fulfil those objectives.


We design and deploy Azure Stack HCI solutions on your behalf, along with appropriate frameworks and policies that help you reach IT objectives securely and smoothly.


Through deployment and beyond, we’re always happy to support you with ongoing expertise, to ensure your Azure Stack HCI is optimised and your ROI is maximised.

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