Unlock the power of sustainable IT with HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers

Today, IT decision-makers are responding less to the technical capabilities of solutions and more to solutions’ ability to deliver real-world outcomes for their business objectives. This includes their organisation’s sustainable IT goals, especially since sustainable IT has become a mainstream topic, reshaping organisations globally across every industry. In fact, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates are pervasive across enterprise organisations. Research shows 99% of business leaders with an established ESG program agree that ESG affects strategic planning . And that when choosing an IT vendor, organisations say three out of five most valuable considerations are the solution cost/value and the vendor ESG policies.

In addition, IT teams are becoming increasingly short-staffed and want to spend less time keeping the lights on. As a result, many businesses are focusing on automation that saves time and energy, along with solutions that enable them to track sustainability metrics. As you’re your organisation looks to lower costs and environmental impact, you should keep in mind that one of the fastest ways to address both is to refresh your existing compute server infrastructure.

  • 40% of servers are over five years old and perform
  • 7% of all servers work but consume
  • 66% of data centre power

Why upgrade your servers?

Your organisation must also do all it can to become more sustainable and reduce environmental impact, keep pace with future regulations, and keep customers and investors happy. This is where SCC can help. Responsibility is one of our five core values and as Europe’s largest, independent, IT systems integrator, we take sustainability seriously. We’re dedicated to being a responsible business that puts our planet, people, and principles at the heart of what we do, in support of our business, customers, and communities. Head to our sustainability page to learn more and find out how we can help reduce your environmental impact..

The Solution: HPE ProLiant Compute Gen11 Servers

At SCC we have the skills and capability to help you overcome these challenges. We can upgrade or migrate you to HPE ProLiant Compute Gen11, the latest generation of powerful, secure, efficient, and optimised Compute solutions designed for hybrid cloud environments. These scalable solutions can be deployed seamlessly with an open architecture in clouds, multiple data centers, and at the edge, and configured to meet the need of any workload. ProLiant Compute Gen11 servers offer intuitive, cloud-based management with visibility and control across the entire deployment, while HPE GreenLake provides a cloud-like, on-demand consumption model for fully managed physical infrastructure.

Built to reduce energy consumption and optimise utilisation

  • 65% power savings per year after Gen9 to Gen11 consolidation
  • Up to 64% lower TCO vs previous generation servers for same set of requirements
  • Up to 303% return on investment (modelled) when refreshing servers
  • Up to 90% better price/performance vs Gen10/Gen10 Plus
  • Up to 43% reclaimed rack space vs Gen10

As HPE’s third Largest Platinum Partner in EMEA, SCC has over 290 different support qualifications across our group. Our Cloud+ offering is powered by over 3,000 HPE racks in our UK-based Data Centres, and in 2020, we won the Global Solution Provider of the Year award at the HPE Global Partner Summit. Head to our HPE partner page to learn more about how SCC is perfectly placed to deliver a full end-to-end solution and a complete managed service for HPE solutions.

Improve performance, cut costs, and meet your sustainability goals

With HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, your organisation can achieve optimal performance for demanding applications requiring the most advanced graphics and data acceleration. And by driving greater efficiencies and performance economics, you can decrease energy consumption and resource constraints, reduce carbon footprint, and optimise utilisation. Here’s how…

Reduce energy use in the data centre or IT infrastructure workspaces

HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers offer up to 43% more energy efficiency and up to 99% improved performance compared to previous generations to help lower energy consumption and reduce server footprints.

Ultimate power with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Driving better overall performance with support for up to 64 cores per processor, resulting in 21% improved overall performance as compared to 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers are engineered for the hybrid world, enabling you to deliver an intuitive cloud operating experience with trusted security by design and optimized performance. These HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers advance and improve a wide range of the most challenging workloads, giving businesses the ability to modernize while accelerating innovations for next-Gen applications and infrastructure services, like AI and ML.

Reduce data centre footprint

Businesses with limited data centre space can consolidate workloads running on previous generation servers to fewer Gen11 servers that require 50% to 90% fewer racks . Upgrading to Gen11 servers can reduce or use the same current workload footprint more effectively to handle growth and new workloads without expanding their footprint. This helps minimise data centre footprint and colocation costs.

Cut cooling costs

Gen11 servers are designed with improved airflow and the option to benefit from future cooling technologies like liquid cooling, helping to deliver higher levels of performance while optimizing cooling efficiency. By deploying fewer servers through consolidation or running workloads at lower server utilization, you can reduce the amount of heat generated and further reduce cooling costs.

Save on software and licensing

By deploying fewer servers to handle the same set of business requirements, you can potentially reduce the cost of software and services licensed per physical server. This could include per-server software, hypervisors, operating systems, and endpoint monitoring and protection licenses.

Free up IT staff

With HPE ProLiant Gen11, valuable resources can be freed to focus on other tasks thanks to features that simplify monitoring and support, server deployment, and server lifecycle management. Operational efficiency can be improved and complexity reduced complexity with less systems to manage, saving even more time.

Modernise for the future

HPE GreenLake is the edge-to-cloud platform that enables organisations to monitor, manage, and gain visibility into their distributed HPE ProLiant Compute environment. The platform delivers fast, flexible computing infrastructure on a consumption pay-per-use basis, offering a range of workloads and cost-optimised configurations installed on-premises.

Track IT energy usage and your carbon footprint

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management provides global visibility and insight into all compute devices across all locations. This includes new sustainability insights with Carbon Footprint reports which helps you understand the overall server environment use-phase carbon emissions, energy consumption, and energy cost.

Implement a product end-of-life strategy

In partnership with HPE we can help you upcycle your IT and find untapped value in your IT estate. Consolidating to Gen11 servers enables you to responsibly dispose of older-generation servers and potentially recoup some of your investment by taking advantage of HPE’s buyback, refurbishing, and remarketing services (which focus on reuse over recycling). In fact, more than 2.3M server assets have been given a second life over the last three years, with customers getting $1.3M back every working day in 2022 .

Ready to reduce costs, server power consumption, and carbon footprint

with HPE ProLiant Compute Gen11 servers?

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