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Take the headache out of managing your business connectivity

SD-WAN: delivering an end-to-end service that takes the headache out of managing your business connectivity.

SCC provides an SD-WAN solution that is designed to meet today’s connectivity requirements. The service allows you to prioritise your traffic types, giving a far better end user experience for solutions such as collaboration. It advances digital transformation while improving your security posture by enabling a range of SASE (Secure Access, Service Edge) technologies to protect your business. The service is independent of the circuit underlay, allowing you to utilise your own existing circuits.

We have increased resilience through carrier diversity, allowing you to meet the demands of hybrid working, bringing you closer to cloud applications and improving your security posture. The service is highly flexible to meet the demands of any business and every element can be customised to suit your budget.

Business benefits


Optimising cloud application connectivity, performance, and user experience.


Utilising a range of SASE (Secure Access, Service Edge) technologies to secure the network and address the evolving threat landscape.

Hybrid Working

Enabling your move to a hybrid working model and keeping control of corporate connectivity at home. Our SD-WAN architecture can help you meet these new demands.


The service can reduce cost and complexity, adapt to changing business needs and allows service flexibility in a rapidly changing environment. We have a range of offerings to cover anything from a corporate home user through to a large corporate office and data centre.

User Experience

Gain better user experience through improved cloud connectivity and application specific control. Our service will provide better connectivity to cloud applications and services and allow for the prioritisation of certain traffic types therefore allowing for a better user experience.


We offer an end-to-end managed service taking the headache out of managing your Wide Area Network that will make life easier for your operational support teams.

How can SCC help?

Take a look at how SCC can support you on your SD-WAN journey

Assess your current network, providing actionable intelligence

Develop a strategy based on that intelligence.

Provide you with the right equipment and software to enable the intelligent digital platform.

We’ll implement the right solution for you using our dedicated team.

Provide a range of managed services for ongoing support, maintenance and running of the infrastructure.

Packages of ongoing professional services to ensure proper planning and response for your business needs.



We can offer a wide range of flexible services


We deliver the service in-house


It is underpinned by market leading technologies


We have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver


We have a full service delivery management capability


It is managed end to end


Reputation and experience in innovation


Technical and service leaders


We operate a 24×7 global Network Operations Centre


We have a range of flexible payment solutions

The solutions


SD-WAN Support & Administration (including 2 managed incidents per month), 9×5 incident resolution, Event and Alert Management, License Management, SD-WAN & Traffic Shaping, On Device Security, Software Updates, AD Integration and SASE Support, SASE Administration and 2 changes per month.


Everything included in the Base Service with the addition of: Service Reporting, Underlay Circuit Support, Portal Access, an additional 2 managed incidents per month and an additional 2 changes per month.


Everything included in the Base and Standard Services with the addition of: 24×7 incident resolution, proactive recommendations, complete SD-WAN Traffic overview, an additional 2 managed incidents per month and an additional 2 changes per month.

Payment Solutions

We are here to support you by offering agile and flexible payment solutions to help mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence. This can be done through our own “As a Service” subscription based payment models or using our relationships with trusted financial institutions and vendors. Visit Payment Solutions »

Professional Services

SCC has a broad and detailed technical expertise that is capable of providing the right combination of skills to suit our customers’ IT estates. We want them to have the best technology solution, from current resource allocation to future scalability. Visit SCC Professional Services »

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Connecting your hybrid workforce

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