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Why is IoT important?

IoT will give enterprises access to more data about their own products and assets which will help change the way they operate. We have developed an IoT ecosystem to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our customers.

IoT Solutions


We provide two forms of consultancy engagement with our customers:

  • Discover & Assess
  • Design & Deliver

Discover & Assess is a recurring service which involves initial discussions to understand existing ecosystems and what type of IoT deployment needs to occur while perpetually being revisited to accommodate for organisational changes and opportunities. A detailed report is provided.

Design & Deliver is the process of pre-implementation of an agreed IoT ecosystem, it includes a planned proposal as well as all necessary compliance required to deliver an IoT ecosystem. A detailed project-plan is provided.

Device Management

We remove the hassle of dealing with multiple devices. They need to be installed, setup, activated and connected to a network & dashboard and then once they are up and running they need to be frequently monitored. At the end of a project all the devices will need to be decommissioned and sunset and removal of their accesses to the network.

We control the entire life-cycle of device management so that you can focus on your business operations. We also provide an asset-registry of all devices along with their specific information so you are always aware of all assets within your IoT ecosystem.

Data Management

Multiple valuable data points will be generate by each device and this mass production of data will need to be transferred and housed most likely in a real-time database based on the cloud. Depending on the data-type and how it’s parsed will also affect how it can be transferred and understood by the database.

Those data points may then need to be processed and meta-tagged or even cleansed for specific algorithmic purposes before being pushed into the dashboard and used for human consumption, adding an additional layer of processing which is required.

We will manage this entire data life-cycle and ensure it is being transferred and stored securely. The data you consume within the dashboard belongs to you and will be cleansed and downloadable.

Dashboard Management

The dashboard is the platform in which you, as a human, take all this complicated data being generated by your devices and consume it (usually through visualisations). The dashboard can show you multiple views of the same data or multiple differing data-sets analysing your operations.

We provide a single dashboard solution so you don’t need to access multiple portals to get a view on your data. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple different devices connecting to multiple different networks, we can bring all of that data into a single location for you to analyse it all.

The dashboard will include user permissions and authenticated security access which will allow you to control who within your organisation sees what.

Incident/Event Alerting

We provide a 24/7 service on monitoring both incidents and events through the dashboard. Incidents include irregularities that can occur throughout business as usual operations such as devices unexpectedly going offline, or network issues sending data to the cloud. Events are more driven from the device data itself such as battery life indications, or an asset going above or below certain temperature thresholds.

These alerts can be sent via multiple channels, such as: the dashboard, SMS, email and multiple others. They could also be integrated into a help-desk system so devices which need replacement can all be automated and an engineer could be knocking on your door before you even realise a device’s battery has gone below a threshold.

Application Development

As a trusted Systems Integrator we provide bespoke development services for anything that falls out of the ecosystems mentioned above. In some cases you may require integration into specific APIs and platforms or you may have additional requirements on content cleansing and analysis.

We will work closely with you to understand the specific requirements and what needs to be completed to ensure all of your IoT requirements are kept within a single ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure that your usage of the data is as efficient as possible and that you spend your time on strategic decision making.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

We provide multiple Artificial Intelligence solutions, to view them please click here.

Due to the fact that IoT generates large volumes of Big Data it provides opportunities for that data to be analysed using more sophisticated methods, which we provide in out AI Services. The output generated from this analysis will then also be consumed via our single dashboard solution, ensuring that you are not going into different portals to access the content but using a single dashboard where it is all made available to you.

Our Knowledge Management services also allow for more detailed processing & meta-tagging of data depending on your specific requirements.

Data Reporting/Insights

We provide a bespoke reporting service that gives additional insight and analysis into the data being generated. As we will be a part of your IoT journey from consultation to consumption we will have valuable insights which aren’t necessarily reflected in the data.

Our team of content experts can draw deeper inferences on the data and their trends. We can provide this data in analytical reports via the dashboard and also include interactive charts/graphs to add a new layer of analysis to the data.

All of this will assist with your strategic decision-making and mining the data for as much valuable information as possible.

IoT benefits

Access to untapped information to improve understanding how your business operates.

More information means you can make better strategic decisions and improve metrics such as: Revenue, Cost Savings, Customer Satisfaction, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Corporate Governance & Compliance.

Ability to drive improvements of the bottom-line and directly relate them to specific work-streams. Determine which processes of your business need improvement.

With more information comes the ability to build predictive models, reducing the risk of uncertainty, and planning efficiently for the future.


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