The Internet of Things is the connection of billions of devices that collect, share and analyse data.

That is anything from smart watches that tell you how fast your heart is beating to airport security cameras that can identify your face. The potential for IoT is enormous and by 2030 the number of interconnected sensors and devices is expected to increase from 21 billion in 2019 to about 125 billion worldwide.

Your Challenges

Security Risks – As the IoT connects more devices together, it provides more decentralised entry points for malware and extra layers of software and machine-to-machine communication, creating more security risks.

Regulatory Compliance – With remote sensors and monitoring there will be more sensitivity about data control and ownership. As a result, regulatory compliance will continue to be a huge issue and new regulations and compliance measures will be introduced.

Evolving Standards – With multiple platforms, numerous protocols and large numbers of APIs, IoT systems integration and testing will cause confusion around evolving standards.

Competition and Disruption – With so many organisations involved with the IoT, there will be competitive issues around legacy enterprises and those new enterprises based on technological disruption.

Adoption – Many organisations will not be able to understand the ROI or value proposition of adopting IoT, which could slow down adoption by legacy enterprises.

Our Solutions

  • Smaller, cheaper devices – Less expensive, smaller devices allow for more distributed networks. These devices and sensors can now be deployed anywhere and everywhere to collect data for customers.
  • Granular data – These devices help us to gather more granular data, much faster, which gives customers more insights into their products and services.
  • Innovative business models – IoT devices in consumer and business sectors will create new use cases, new applications and new architectures. This helps to drive customer journeys in the creation of new innovative business models.
  • New markets – We can help customers to create new opportunities in new technological ecosystems.

How we do things

We are dedicated to innovation and have the capability of helping you visualise and implement innovation as part of your day-to-day operations and business goals. This innovation flows across the SCC Group – in the UK, France and Spain – bringing new services to life with teams focused on AI and IoT, creating new products and technologies to suit your demands.

As this digital revolution unfolds, we are at the forefront of these technological developments helping organisations to enhance everyday objects through connecting, interacting and exchanging data.

Business Benefits

  • Improved business insights and customer experience.

  • Enhancement of the user experience coupled with new data streams and insights.

  • Cost and downtime reductions.

  • Helping workers to learn on the job about maintenance and upgrades.

  • A boost for efficiency and productivity.

  • Asset tracking and waste reduction.

  • New business models.


  • InnovationWe have embarked on a number of truly innovative programmes to help organisations embrace AI, ensuring their operations are technology driven, more cost effective and productive.

  • Technology ResearchTo ensure the company is at the cutting edge of technology research, we work with the UK’s brightest data scientists in research centres at Aston University and Birmingham City University, among others.

  • Security and SafetyAdvanced technology is about giving someone power and we ensure there is no abuse or imbalance of that power.

  • Our ValuesWe have ensured that our AI & IoT technology ecosystems are aligned to our values. We believe in liberty and privacy and will strive to uphold those goals whenever we roll-out new technologies.

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