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Operationalise AI and transform how work gets done

In today’s rapidly evolving world there are an incredible number of opportunities for which AI can affect huge positive change. From simple predictions to interactive chatbots, diagnosing and detecting disease to helping fight climate change; the list goes on. AI and ML solutions not only have the potential to change and disrupt entire industries, they can radically alter the way we do business – and interact with our world on a daily basis.

In partnership with IBM, we support an open, diverse ecosystem driving responsible use of AI. Whether you’re looking to build a full customer service AI assistant or to increase agility in financial operations, build resilient supply chain solutions or drive efficient, risk-aware decisions, we can help you yield leaps in productivity. Our team of IBM Professional Service experts can guide you through a portfolio of business-ready tools and applications, help reduce the costs and hurdles of AI adoption, while at the same time optimising outcomes – and responsible use of AI.

Drive Efficiency and Revolutionise The Way You Work

IBM Watson solutions are changing the way industries work. Ranked No 1 in IDC’s AI Market for 2020 market share, the AI solution is used by 70% of global banking institutions and 13 of the top 14 systems integrators. Businesses that use Watson have the opportunity to realise a multitude of benefits, from cutting costs to providing a better, faster customer service. In fact over three years, a staggering 337% ROI has been achieved by Watson users. Here’s how:

Deploy with more choice and flexibility

Choose from a wide range of IBM Watson products, built for the specific needs of your industry. Then deploy your AI applications on the cloud environment that best supports your unique business needs.

Strengthen security and trust

Take advantage of built-in security capabilities and AI model monitoring. Detect, investigate, and respond to the most critical cybersecurity threats facing your organisation.

Understand the language of your business

Make more informed decisions and deliver better experiences, with natural language processing capable of analysing complex, unstructured data, computer code, and even industry-specific jargon.

Streamline how your business operates

Intelligently automate virtually any type of work at scale, augment core strengths, offset skills shortages, and give employees more time to focus on creating new value.

Unlock the power of your data

Deliver a more unified view of your data, more consistency and flexibility, and better integration with technology that’s underpinned by Red Hat OpenShift. Watson brings AI to your data wherever it resides, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Deliver AI solutions that power growth with SCC and IBM

At SCC our focus is on helping businesses reap the benefits of AI, by offering the technical capacity to meet your unique business needs and help you augment effective decision making. Our Collaboration and Talent Solutions leverage real-time analytics with IBM Watson and deliver insights that put the tools for success in the hands of the digital workforce. We work in tandem with IBM to deliver solutions that are complemented by IBM’s industry leading technology. Our success comes down to great planning, execution, collaboration, and experience, helping you gain a competitive advantage, power growth, and put AI to work at scale with IBM’s industry-leading AI expertise and portfolio of solutions at your side.

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