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As organisations strive for innovation, IT has to introduce greater flexibility and agility enabling increased speed to market, enhanced productivity and reduced costs.

Digital transformation is the driving force behind every successful enterprise, with every new business initiative underpinned by technology. The opportunity to dynamically scale and run applications more efficiently is pivotal to delivering digital evolution.

Your Challenges

Do you want to build from scratch or modernise what you have?

Do you want to use common infrastructure for all your applications?

Can a single vendor meet all your requirements?

How do I modernise my data centre cost effectively?

Does data centre modernisation support legacy IT investment?


How we do things



We analyse your IT usage at different stages of your data centre modernisation. They are performed as a first step or at regular intervals to ensure you are running an optimised environment.



We collaborate with you on the technologies available from cloud providers. These help us to learn about your business to ensure the best recommendations for your cloud strategy.



Our multi-stage migration approach ensures efficient delivery in a controlled manner.



Proactive monitoring, strategic design reviews and ongoing assessments give you the best possible experience when using the cloud.



We give you greater visibility of your data centre, ensuring it is designed to provide the best balance between cost and performance.

Why SCC?


Supports legacy IT investment, while encompassing AWS and Azure, Hybrid Cloud, on premise and hosted solutions. From an initial assessment and design through to implementation, management and optimisation we support your data centre strategy.

Reduce Risk

Data Centre Managers fight a continuous battle with risk, filling resource into a constrained space with limited power and cooling capacity. Our data centre modernisation involves a risk management methodology that can help with all those challenges.


Data centre modernisation involves creating a scalable IT solution. To do that we work with you to understand your business goals, current and future technology needs, your people and processes.


Data centre modernisation requires integrated security controls that are consistent across physical and virtual systems, as well as those in the cloud. Security has to be built into every aspect of the design phase of data centre, applied consistently across all systems.


Modernisation of your data centre modernisation is vital for you to address the ever-increasing demands for faster innovation. A modern data centre gives you the agility and scalability to support innovation and growth.

The Big Picture

Your journey to data centre modernisation will help to meet the challenges posed by the huge proliferation of data, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), a mobile workforce and rising energy costs. Staying ahead of technology innovations helps boost revenue, cut costs, and develop infrastructure for efficiency and reliability.


« SCC is an integral part of our IT delivery engine; perceived by many within Babcock to be a differentiator for us in the market. Our relationship with SCC is bound by trust at the highest level, running all the way down »

Simon Parker, CIO at Babcock

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