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Workplace Solutions

Business workflow solutions that enhance integration and enable mobility.

Workplace Solutions comprises a portfolio of offerings that addresses all elements of the document ecosystem to support hybrid working and a modern digital workplace.

This includes secure print solutions with authenticated access, print driver management and control, business workflow integration and enable mobility and cloud.

As an independent provider SCC accesses best in-class technology solutions that enable:

  • Supporting migration to a cloud or hybrid infrastructure
  • Addressing security, compliance and governance of data and documents
  • Integration with core customer systems such as CRM and ERP

Through our IT expertise we can ensure right application selection to support on premise, hosted or SaaS delivery strategy and utilise our consultants to manage the implementation and ongoing service support.

Secure Print Solutions

Secure print solutions are an integral component of a Managed Print Solution supporting a consolidated fleet of printers and MFDs and a print from any device and any location capability. As stricter regulation and compliance come into force the ability to enforce secure authenticated release of print jobs and distribution of scan and copy is critical and these solutions provide an audit trail of all usage through the system.

We are an accredited solution provider for leading software applications in this space including Kofax ControlSuite, NTWare UniFlow, Cirros, MyQ and PaperCut. Based on our customer’s requirements in terms of solution delivery, for example on-premise, private or public cloud and the end point hardware devices we can select the right application to meet your objectives.

Print Driver Management

Print servers can remain a major obstacle for decommissioning on-premise servers and migrating to a full cloud solution. Management of multiple print drivers and ongoing updates can also be time consuming for IT resources that can be best utilised on other tasks and projects.

Whilst this can be addressed by the implementation of a MPS, in certain scenarios this may not be a suitable solution or our customer’s may have heavily distributed environments that require multiple different devices for point of need requirements. SCC can address this through PrinterLogic’s Enterprise Print Management which software allows IT professionals to simplify printer driver management. This enables our customers to remove the costly legacy architecture and move to a direct IP print environment, eliminate the need for scripting and GPOs and drastically reduce print related service desk tickets.

Content Management and Workflow Automation

Classification & Content Extraction

The need to be able to have a ‘work from anywhere’ capability that has been necessitated by Hybrid working has highlighted inefficiencies in business process that are reliant on hardcopy documents and based on all colleagues working in the same physical location.

This can range from simple requirements such as the ability to sign and approve documents and contract using e-sign solutions to managing more complex business departmental workflows in HR, Finance and Procurement such as employee onboarding, invoice automation and contract management.

SCC’s Document Services consultants can drive improvement and efficiencies in our customer’s by implementing leading workflow solutions that will re-engineer current processes and support integration across CRM and ERP systems to provide a ‘single view’ of a customer. They can also ensure the management of documents or content in-line with the required policies on retention, access and redaction supporting compliance with regulation and standards.

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We are proud to have built powerful partnerships with the world’s leading technology partners, enabling us to deliver best-in-class Document management and data solutions.

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