What is SCC Vision?

SCC Cloud Managed Services are underpinned by our proprietary technology. SCC Vision is a one stop solution for managing and optimising your environment with complete control. Developed in house, it’s simple, secure and built to help you maximise the value of your cloud with more control, visibility and transparency.

Key Features

Secure by design

Near-live data

24/7 access

Innovate in 2 clicks

Enhanced Cloud Spend Management

SCC Vision provides a new way to manage your cloud spend, offering businesses greater levels of control and insight into their cloud spend across major platforms such as Azure and AWS. Our online portal provides:

– Real-Time Financial Insights: With SCC Vision, businesses gain access to near real-time reporting, allowing for immediate understanding and management of cloud spend in the dynamic and often complex pricing environments of Azure and AWS.

– Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Financial Overview: By integrating data across platforms, SCC Vision presents a unified view of your cloud financials, empowering your team to make strategic decisions about your cloud estate.

– Granular Budget Control: The platform’s detailed tagging and resource identification capabilities empower businesses to manage and allocate budgets with a level of granularity previously unattainable, directly aligning financial planning with operational needs.

– Cultivation of a FinOps Culture: SCC Vision is not just a tool but a catalyst for cultural transformation, enabling the development of a robust FinOps framework within your organisation, driving efficiency, accountability, and financial optimisation.

Cloud Optimisation at Your Fingertips

SCC Vision goes beyond financial management, providing a comprehensive suite of optimisation tools designed to elevate your cloud infrastructure’s performance, security, and reliability:

– Actionable Optimisation Insights: Leveraging detailed analytics, SCC Vision guides businesses through cost-saving measures, high availability strategies, operational excellence, and security enhancements tailored to your unique cloud infrastructure.

– Proactive Security Management: Stay ahead of security risks with SCC Vision’s near real-time insights into your cloud security posture, enabling swift identification and resolution of vulnerabilities in relation to OS patching.

– Guaranteed Business Continuity: With advanced reporting on backup and replication activities, SCC Vision ensures that your availability and recovery strategies are always one step ahead, safeguarding your operations against disruptions.

SCC Vision is more than a portal; it’s a strategic partner in your cloud journey, designed to bring clarity, control, and optimisation to your cloud operations. It demonstrates our commitment to delivering not just technology solutions but transformative strategies that align with your business objectives.

Get to know Vision

Watch the videos below to learn more about the SCC Vision features and capabilities

Overview – How can I get a holistic overview of my cloud environment in one place?
Consumption -How can I track my cloud consumption costs?
Budgets – How can I manage forecasts and budgets for my cloud spend?
Compliance – How do I track the patching and compliance status of my environment?
Recommendations – How do I know what to optimise in my cloud environment?

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