AMD Ryzen™ AI x Windows 11 & SCC: Get Ready For The Future Of Your Business  

That’s why SCC is collaborating with AMD Ryzen™ AI x Windows 11. We will ensure your business is not only future proof, but at the cutting edge of technological advancement.  

AI PCs advanced by AMD Ryzen™ AI are engineered to run the next generation of business applications that hands businesses the key to unlocking their maximum potential. 

Setting a new standard in business computing, AI PCs are personal computers embedded with AI processors that can perform advanced capabilities. When powered by an AI engine, Windows 11’s capabilities are maximised, enabling enhanced efficiency, security, productivity, creativity and collaboration.  

Investing in PCs that are compatible with both AMD Ryzen™ artificial intelligence and Windows 11 is backing the future of your business. AMD is a company at the forefront of AI and, when powering Windows 11, its AMD Ryzen™ processors are setting the bar for next-level performance. Shape 

  • Maximised Efficiency: Running with incredible speed and minimal delays, an integrated AMD Ryzen™ AI engine will accelerate critical business tasks and allow you to optimise workflows and workplace efficiency. It’s cost-effective too, minimising AI subscription costs that businesses will become increasingly dependent on.  
  • Enhanced Creativity: While AMD Ryzen™ technology is advanced and complex, using it isn’t and there is no need for prior expertise to create innovative and engaging content. AI-generated content is not only of advanced quality but intuitive too. AMD Ryzen™ AI and Windows 11 will allow you tailor your output to your audience’s needs while ensuring it is accessible and user-friendly.  
  • Increased Productivity: Working seamlessly with Windows 11, AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to enable every employee to work more productively. It will tailor its output to suit individual needs while acting as a personal assistant. It can help to manage budgets, craft presentations, write emails, manage calendars, analyse data and summarise conversations.  
  • Advanced Collaboration: AI-enhanced collaboration will allow for more natural interactions while running Microsoft Teams conferences, even while running multiple tasks simultaneously across Microsoft Office. AI effects include advanced background blur, eye gaze correction, and auto framing for a seamlessly professional output.  
  • Cutting Edge Security: AMD Ryzen™ AI and Windows 11 enables AI-powered threat detection, reducing security risks and strengthening data privacy for your business. A dedicated AI hardware accelerator on the PC will allow algorithms for anomaly detection and isolate malware threats safely.  

SCC is passionate about enabling a modern workplace through innovative solutions. That’s why a collaboration between SCC, AMD Ryzen™ AI and Windows 11 makes perfect sense. We are here to ensure you are at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling you to lead the way into the future of your business. 

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