Samsung Enterprise Edition: The Mobile Office

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Millions of businesses have successfully switched to a hybrid style of working. But to keep up with the demands of their industry, they need a powerful device to make work possible from anywhere.

Business is entering a new age. Professionals expect high-tech devices that work with them, not against them, enabling greater freedom and flexibility. According to the Harvard Business Review, 88% of employees agree that having the latest collaborative tech affects the decision to accept a job role. Hence, it’s critical that businesses invest in technology offering the scope for a comprehensive mobile office, whether working from home, on the go or otherwise.

Hybrid Working Made Easy

Delivered in partnership with SCC, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series – Enterprise Edition is the ultimate business companion. Perfectly suited towards hybrid working styles, its features offer far more than simple business needs demand. Featuring the fastest processor in Galaxy’s history, the S22 will never hold you back. The model also comes fully equipped with a best-in-class screen and multiple camera lenses for endless business opportunities. The Embedded S Pen presents an opportunity for users to get creative, boasting incredible precision and responsiveness on-screen. Combined with powerful AI technology, Samsung’s business phone truly allows users to take their work to the next level. This superb device ultimately helps teams to work more effectively, with a plethora of tools and apps right at their fingertips. From working on office documents to joining meetings all over the world and exploring social media platforms, hybrid work is effortless with the S22.

Incredible Partnerships to Maximise Business Potential

Alongside Samsung’s incredible S22 features and tools, this device includes powerful apps created by Google and Microsoft. With the addition of a whiteboard for unrivalled collaboration, and the potential to share documents with colleagues, this is just another string to the S22’s bow.


Enterprise Edition: Large Enterprise

For large businesses to invest in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series – Enterprise Edition, simplicity, security and ease of use are critical. This model comes with an all-in-one offering of additional Knox licenses. Businesses can benefit from Knox Mobile Enrolment, which makes it easy to assign multiple devices to the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform. This solution dramatically reduces the otherwise inevitable complexity for IT teams. Maximum security is also an integral feature of the S22. With up to five years security and maintenance releases, it’s possible to secure and protect all devices from mobile threats.

  To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition range, click HERE.

Why SCC and Samsung?

In partnership with Samsung, SCC ensures our customers are kept secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed, enabling seamless collaboration and office mobility. Samsung’s complete package of mobile technology and services are designed to give you more choice, more control and more protection.


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