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Software is complicated
With more than 100 years’ cumulative experience and exceptional market knowledge, our software team is instrumental in making sure our customers have access to the most advantageous deals. With continual investment we are constantly working to increase speciality help for our customers, providing superior results and facilitating their drive for competitive advantage.


Reduced software sourcing and running costs in your business

In our experience companies invest around 80% of their software budgets in a very small proportion of the software required for their businesses; with the remaining 20% of the budget left to manage the other 100 or more vendors.

From understanding your current procurement position to your digital transformation requirements and ensuring future governance, Software Smart Buy reduces software sourcing and management costs within your business.

Using our specialist experience in procurement management we evaluate the technology and contracts in your business and assess whether they contain the right products and commercials to deliver what you need.

Looking at areas which could impact you such as market trends, license metric changes and price rises, we help you to secure the right product, at the right time under the right terms.

BuySMART will help you drive out shelfware (procured and paid for but unused) and deliver holistic IT procurement solutions covering both IT and non-IT spend.

  • Reduce costs and enhance commercials with SCC’s buying power and partnerships
  • Predict annual spend by quarter
  • Provide increased compliance, optimisation and control of rogue spending with comprehensive management reports
  • Understand your current and proposed usage of software and plan next steps such as cloud services adoption
  • Deliver enhanced and bespoke payment agreements that suit the CapEx or OpEx requirements of your business

BuySMART: Services


Transactional Software procurement enhancement services

Tier 1 Vendor procurement services (-80% of spend)

Tail-end spend Vendor procurement services (-20% of spend)

Route to market analysis

Strategic Sourcing:

Vendor and Market Comparison Services

Solution Construction Services

Benchmarking Services

Training and links to Professional Services Capabilities


Makes it easier to control and optimise future software renewals

Maintain compliance and manage renewals and vendor negotiation.

We make sure you have a centralised view of your entire software estate making it easy to control future renewals, anniversary or annuity renewals; with an alert system in place to avoid missing important deadlines.

By looking at your current business strategy and structure, we can help you identify the best approach for your software renewals. We will identify software which is end of life, unsupported, not in use or due for decommission, saving you the cost of renewing it.

Our systemised process ensures you:

  • Renew on time – avoiding reinstatement fees
  • Maximise vendor commercials such as discount levels
  • Optimise actual renewals to deliver cost efficiencies of up to 50%

RenewSMART: Services

Consolidation of Data:

Unique instance in our Portal

Contractual information and start and end dates

Contractual evidence storage options

Self-service reporting

Renewal Support:

Managed Renewal Services

Alerts and Notifications

Upgrade / Cross-grade / End of life Transition Support Services


Helps you achieve optimum value from the software lifecycle

Managing software from multiple vendors, all of whom have differing price structures, terms and policies is no mean feat. It’s a complex and time-intensive task which is further hindered by the fact that you have a business to run.

SCC’s ManageSMART service is designed to take away the pain of software management. Our in-depth experience means we will proactively assess your current position with vendor contracts and licenses; identifying issues, on an ongoing basis, which could be hampering business efficiency or pose a risk in case you are subject to a vendor audit. We help you to understand how you can achieve optimum value from your software with clear management reports and recommendations for improved efficiency and risk mitigation, as well as providing the right tools to monitor and track usage effectively.

A vendor audit can be a daunting event but with the right assistance you can manage it effectively and keep business disruption to a minimum. Our extensive experience means we can be as involved as you need us to be; from offering advice and guidance on information requests, to negotiating with vendors to get the best result for you. Our services have helped countless customers to successfully handle a vendor audit.

ManageSMART ensures you:

  • Have governance and control over the use of software across your estate; both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Are aware of all software related commercial, technical or operational risks across your business
  • Drive value into your organisation from your investment in software through increased efficiencies
  • Deliver meaningful management information to differing stakeholders
  • Have the right ‘best practice’ processes and policies in place – keeping you in control
  • Attain predictable spend on software through its lifecycle
  • Can react effectively to a software vendor audit or other compelling events
  • Ensure your tooling services are integrated and configured correctly and producing accurate and relevant reporting to key stakeholders

ManageSMART: Services


Technology Lifecycle Services

Reporting & Tooling Assessment / Advisory Services

Open Source Control / Smoke Test Vulnerability Services

Compliance & Optimisation:

Vendor Compliance Risk Reporting & Optimisation Services

Contractual Optimisation & Benchmarking Services

Risk Mitigation Execution Services

Audit Defence Services

Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestment Advisory Services

Cloud Governance:

Cloud Migration Readiness / Licence Optimisation Services

Cloud Governance / Cost Control and Predictability Services

Cloud Migration / Exit / Transfer Services

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